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404 Animations

404 Animations are great when setting up a global 'not found' page. Perhaps a page moved or the content is no longer there. A 404 animation can help create an engaging experience on-site, so even though the content is gone, the user can select from other options.

404 Page Animation Example

A Seamlessly-looping 404 error animation. Shown here in GIF format but can also be customized for Lottie/JSON or video format.  

All colors and dimensions can be customized with purchase of this animated icon. The GIF’s total time is 6 seconds in duration (allowing for one full rotating before repeating itself. 

Animation Creation Process

This animated GIF was laid out first in Adobe Illustrator and exported into Adobe After Effects for animating. SVG layers are the ‘scaleable vector graphics’ that make up the components. The next step for animating is embedding onto a website, app or video. 

Browse & Shop Other Animated Icons

Formats can be customized for video, GIF, JSON and more. Colors, dimensions and more can be customized to your brand guidelines. 

Get in touch with any questions and I’d be glad to chat further. 

Have a Static Icon?

Let’s animate it into GIF, Lottie or video format. Learn more about animated icon services by clicking the button below.


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