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Jon Gomes

Greetings! I’m Jon, a Colorado independent contractor for hire. My passions blend between the realms of data-driven marketing and the construction of creativity. With over 10 years in the sales and marketing realm, I would be glad to chat further about your needs. Whether you are looking for some supplemental DIY info or data analysis, I would be glad to chat further. Get in touch and let’s chat!

Here are some topics that I like to chat about and work with: 

Lead Generation

Finding leads for your business is about finding the right balance of; data-filters, visitor intent, and timing. Generating interest is the precursor to conversions.

Google Ads

PPC Search Marketing is the most effective when you trust the data. We don’t want to throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks.


Every business and industry has Key Performance Indicators that show where and how to proceed with the data. Sticking points always hide in plain site.

Search Marketing

Search engines utilize keywords and phrases. Why not meet your customers halfway and optimize your pages and content for your visitors.

Online Engagement

Online communities and “buzz” are interesting concepts. Beyond metrics like CTRs and impressions, psychology can be a leading factor to growth.

Motion Graphics

The saturation of online platforms and raw data forces us to think outside the box. Animations are a subtle way to make a big impression.

What Others Say...

"Jon was fantastic to work with. He's an AdWords expert. I hired him to help with one account and ended up utilizing his knowledge and expertise for multiple accounts."
Nikki L.
Pennock Agency CEO
"Jon is amazing at what he does. He built a website from scratch with very little guidance from me. He is patient and corralled my winding thought process to produce a wonderful website. Jon's communication is stellar. He is prompt in all aspects of his work. I will continue to use his services as long as he is offering them. You can't go wrong working with Jon."
Phyllis G.
Scentswax CEO
"Jon did great work on an educational explainer video on a legal concept. He has an eye for style and attention to detail. He works very quickly and is very communicative about edits. I highly recommend him!"
Hansary L.
Family Law PARTNER

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