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Alert Icon Animation

Below you will find a looping alert notification icon. Customize your own, changing out the colors and format, or get in touch with any questions.

Looping Alert Notification Icon

Here’s an example of a bell notification icon. Can be utilized as a safety alert, email notification or other type of user interface animation. 

This animation was created in a web-based format called “JSON.” More on the creation process and variants below.

Transparent Background & Formats

The animation above features a transparent background, something found in most JSON (also known as ‘Lottie’) formats. If page load time is a factor for your website, consider using this format as it is a far smaller file size than standard GIF.

Lottie, unlike GIF, also supports full background transparency.

Alert SVG Creation Process

In order to create this animation, the design started as a SVG (scalable vector graphic) within Adobe Illustrator. From here it was imported to Adobe After Effects for the animation portion. Final export and publication steps will vary depending on the format needed. 

Customize Your Own Alert Icon Colors

This alert notification icon can also be customized to your needs, colors swapped out and exported as a video (.mov) file with a transparent background. 

Colors can be chosen by clicking on the ‘customize’ button above. If you are looking for other examples of animated icons, feel free to browse the associated pages. 

Other Types of Alert Icons

A GIF or video version of this icon could easily be embedded into an email or project pitch. GIF and video are popular formats due to their ease of user-installation. 

Get in touch with any questions and I’d be glad to help or browse other icon animations. 

Have a Static Icon?

Let’s animate it into GIF, Lottie or video format. Learn more about animated icon services by clicking the button below.


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