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Learn About Data Visualization

The information below on this page will go over common questions and topics about data visualization (both animated and static).

What are animated charts and graphs?

Animated graphs and charts are graphical representations of data that use animation to visualize the data over time. They can be used to represent any kind of data, from financial data to scientific data, and can be created for reports, graphs, and presentations.

What makes animated charts and graphs appealing is that they help to clarify complex concepts and relationships. The animation can also be used to highlight trends and patterns that would be difficult to see in static data.

Animated Data Formats

The most common request if video format as this is the most easily accessible to presentations, webinars, social media and more. Other common formats include; GIF, .MOV and .MP4.

Looping Data GIFs

Looping GIFs are easy to embed in presentations and social media. Animated charts and graphs that are saved in GIF format loop automatically and are easy to install. 

What Do You Need To Start?

A simple screenshot or image of your graph is great for me to get an idea of how many moving parts make up the graph. Common formats accepted are; JPG, PNG, Vector, PPT. 

The best format will be any kind of Adobe Illustrator file but if you don’t have this format, do not worry.

Animated Bar Charts

If you’re looking to create an animated bar chart, common pairings can be a trend line or callouts on top of the animated bars to help convey a message. 

Animated Charts & Graphs With Transparent Backgrounds

The most common format for transparent backgrounds are .MOV format with analpha channel transparency (this is the most common for embedding into other video and overlaying). 

Animating Your Excel Data & Spreadsheets

No problem at all! Send over your data sheets and I’d be glad to take a look and brainstorm a few routes. 

Circle Graph Animations

Circle graphs, also known as pie chart animations, are ideal for showing percentages and comparing one or more facets against each other. 

Powerpoint Chart Animations

One of the best features of Powerpoint is that the software supports HD video and GIF animations. It’s easy to drag and drop a graph animation into powerpoint, this can be beneficial when presenting on a large screen or with a voice over included. 

Let Your Data Speak

Your data is likely boring. If it’s living in a speadsheet or marketing dashboard this might not tell the story needed.

An animated charts or infographics allow for the easy installation into a presentation, website or other platform. Custom graphics with brand colors, logos and more can help convey the right message, fast.

Data Animation Creation Variables

Some of the most common uses of data animations and infographics are in presentations, such as PowerPoint (Keynote, etc.), social media, and landing pages. 

One of the more important factors when going about getting an animated graph is determining where you plan to use the final data animation. Considerations include:

charts and graphs as GIFs

One popular way to share data is to create a GIF of the animation. GIFs are a great way to share data online, as they can be easily embedded on social media, blog posts, and emails.

When creating a GIF of a chart or graph, it’s important to keep the file size small so that it can be easily shared. If you are considering a GIF graph or chart for a website, I would actually recommend an HD video as this will be crisper and a higher quality of image.

percentage animations for graphs

A popular component of chart animations are percentage animations. Percentage animations can be paired with a slide of a pie chart, a data point on a line graph or a section of a bar graph.

Percentage animations are a great way to call attention to a specific data point or trend. They can be used to emphasize relationships between different data sets, or to reveal comparisons over time.

How to create animated charts and graphs

There are a few different ways to create animated charts and graphs. One way is to use a graphing or charting software that has animation capabilities built-in. Another way is to create the graph or chart in a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator, and then animate it using a video editing program like Adobe After Effects.

If you want to create an animated chart or graph from scratch, the first step is to decide what kind of data you want to visualize. Perhaps it’s a spreadsheet from Excel or Google Sheets, or maybe it’s a data set from a database. Once you have your data, you’ll need to decide how you want to better showcase it. Do you want to create a bar chart, a line graph, or something else?

Certain programs like Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint have their own internal animation features. However, for more creative and custom animations you’ll need to use a video editing program. After Effects is a popular choice for animating charts and graphs, as it offers a wide variety of features and plugins to create any kind of animation you can think of.

This is not to say that Powerpoint graphing animations and Excel graph animations are not without their place- in fact, sometimes the internal graphing features of these programs can be just what you need. It all depends on the data you’re working with and the message you’re trying to communicate.

Animated Pie Chart Maker

In need of a pie chart? Here’s a sample product that you can customize to your needs (if they be pie chart related of course). Choose the number of segments, percentage counters and customize your colors. 

Types of Animated Charts

Depending on the Type of data that you need animated, you’ll have to decide what kind of graph or chart to use. 

For example, if you need to stack data next to each other or show trends over time, a bar chart might be the best route. Or perhaps you need a timeline animation and a line graph will be fit your needs. 

Other types of charts however can include, but are not limited to:

online animated graph maker

If you’re looking to have some graphs or charts animated, feel free to get in touch. I offer a variety of animation services, including data visualization. A few questions that I’ll ask to start is whether or not you have a static image of the chart you would like animated. From here we can go about designing the color scheme and format/dimensions. I can also offer some advice as to format if you aren’t sure or are embedding the final piece into a presentation.

Related data Animations

Browse below for further data animation examples. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or project ideas.


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