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Animated Business Card Creator

Animated Business Cards

Dynamic business cards can be created in a variety of animated formats. Common, and most useful, formats are GIF and video. 

Below is an animated example just to give you an idea of the components to begin with. Start with your own designs or get in touch below with any questions.

(business card front)

Business Card GIF

The “GIF” format, such as the examples shown here is ideal due to the versatility in platforms. For example, GIFs are easy to embed in email, social media, websites and a variety of other channels. 

An important consideration to take into account when creating an animated business card is where you will end up posting it the most. 

Motion Business Card - What To Include

Like any non-moving business card, the information you display is meant to give small snippets of information. Even though this is a dynamic card, you should not overload the style and take up the entire space with information. 

(those are best suited for a longer video animation)

Name, email, and website are great pointers to start with. 

Dynamic Business Card Creator

(business card front)

Animated 2D Design Considerations

Flashy and fast is not always the best route. Your business card might have some icons, colorful shapes/lines, or other elements besides text. These are typically the components of the card that should move around while the static information (that people need to read and take action with) are the static areas of the card.

Animate Your Business Card

Get your business card animated, start by getting in contact using the brief form below.