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Animated Outlook Email Signatures

Whether it is your company logo or a series of logos for a testimonial section, adding them to Elementor is quite easy. 

Here's How To Change Your Outlook Email Signature

First, navigate to Outlook’s email preferences. 

1. Navigate to Outlook's Preferences

The easiest way to do this is to click on the Outlook tab in the top of your computer screen (assuming you have the program open) and scroll down to preferences. 

Shown in the screenshot attached.

Navigate To Outlook Preference Settings

2. New Popup Window with Choices

After clicking on preferences, you’ll see a new popup appear, looking something like the screenshot here. Keep in mind that this screenshot is for a Mac but a PC will have the exact same set of options, most likely however in a list format. 

Navigate to the signatures section.

3. Choose Which Signature To Edit

If you have multiple email signatures, perhaps past ones that haven’t yet been deleted, click on the signature that you’d like to edit or add an image to.

In this example the selected email signature is the ‘standard’ one shown highlighted in blue.

Click on edit and a new popup will appear.

editing outlook email signature

4. Adding an Animated GIF to Outlook

After clicking on edit, you will see a new box appear and you’ll be able to ad hyperlinks, change the font colors and add pictures and other media files. 

To add an animated GIF from your computer, click on the pictures icon and a new popup will appear asking you where the file is on your computer. 

add a GIF to outlook email signature

After navigating to the correct file from your computer, click ‘ok.’ Lastly, make sure you click save before exiting out of the email signature popup box or the changes won’t take place. 

5. Resizing Your GIF In Outlook

One last thing to mention should you want to align or resize your GIF, you don’t need to create multiple dimensions. All you need to do is click on your newly inserted GIF image element and find the corners that appear (shown in the screenshot to the right). Click and drag these corner elements and your GIF will be resized to the desired size. 

resizing GIF in Outlook

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