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Animated stock graphs & Charts

Stock price animations are simply animated images or GIFs that show the movement of a company's stock prices over time.

Their main purpose is to highlight a few key dates and trends in a company's stock history, making it easier for investors and viewers to understand how the stock has performed in the past.

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animated stock gifs

Motion Graphics can be a great tool for mimicking stock price data. Let’s say you have a table or series from excel that you want to embed into a presentation… infographic animations such as this stock price animation is a great alternative to static images. 

HD videos of stock animations can also be embedded to most websites and presentations. .MP4 video format is a very versatile choice. 

what to highlight in a stock price animation

Quite often an animated line graph that shows the dips and trends in a stock price are more effective than a traditional line graph. Data labels, steep drops and buy/sell orders can be key features.

Other components that can be highlighted within a Stock GIF animation are:

Finance graphs

When used in conjunction with each other, Microsoft Excel and Adobe After Effects offer a powerful combination to create dynamic infographics. One of the benefits of creating your graphic as an Excel file (or .CSV) is that you can accurately trace and mirror the highs and lows on the exported chart. 

Looking to spice up your data? Jon’s data visualization packages include static (high-resolution) creations or HD and 4k video animations. Learn more here.


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