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Valentines Day eCard GIF

Valentines Day eCard Animation GIF

This Valentines Day Card Animation GIF was created for Other components that could be adjusted is the size of the house and type of building. Perhaps it’s an industrial-style icon that you prefer, large scale corporations or a real estate concept. 

This animation can be customized with your own brand colors and utilized in video overlays or GIF format. This animation goes through a full cycle every 7 seconds.

Creation Process:
This animated GIF was created created entirely inside Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. Artwork prepared in Illustrator, then exported to AE for animation.

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Customized this animated card and send to your family or loved ones. Choose between GIF or video format. Customize your message  and attach to emails or social media. Get in touch using the button below to start customizing your GIF, personalized cards starting at $15.

Use Your Ideas

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