Line Drawing Animation

Line Drawn Animation Learn below about continuous line drawn animations. These can be great for infographics, powerpoint presentations and icon imagery. Browse examples or get in touch for any and all creations. Learn More What Are Line Drawn Animations? Line drawn animations are perfect for telling a story, similar to a timeline animation. A continuous […]

TechCrunch Logo Animation

TechCrunch Loading Screen Animated Example Here’s an example of a corporate loading animation, TechCrunch. This loading screen animation (some might call it a GIF) is shown here in JSON format for the web. Corporate branded logos are ideal for standing out from the crowd and increased engagement.  This logo animation was recreated to mirror TechCrunch’s […]

Reddit Loading Animation

Reddit Loading Screen Animated GIF Many companies, whether “formal” in nature or not use custom loading animations on their apps and websites. Take for example this example here, Reddit’s. If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, they describe themselves as “Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.” GIF Format Misconception […]

Animated Valentines Day Card GIF

Valentines Day eCard Animation GIF

Valentines Day eCard Animation GIF This Valentines Day Card Animation GIF was created for Other components that could be adjusted is the size of the house and type of building. Perhaps it’s an industrial-style icon that you prefer, large scale corporations or a real estate concept.  This animation can be customized with your own brand […]

Box and Whisker Plot Animation GIF

box and whisker plot animation gif

Box and Whisker Plot Animation GIF This GIF was created initially for a PPT infographic presentation. The format featured here is a looping GIF box and whisker chart animation. This animation could also be used as a JSON format for the web (perhaps on a landing page). This animation can be customized with your own […]

IOS Phone Swipe Animation

iOS Phone Swipe Animation GIF

Phone Swipe Animation Arrows This GIF was originally created as a JSON animation. JSON format is typically used in app and website development. With exported JSON data you can begin to build interactivity and user interactions into your platform of choice.  This animation can be customized with your own brand colors and utilized in video […]

Animated Area Chart GIF

Animated Area Chart GIF

Animated Area Chart GIF This looping area chart animation is easy to embed into a PPT or slideshow presentation.  Customize for your own brand colors and utilize in video or GIF format. This animation goes through a full cycle every 6.5 seconds. GIF data charts and graphs are best used to help supplement part of […]

Animated Plant Icon GIF

Plant Icon Animation GIF

Plant Icon Animation GIF – 2D Growing A looping Animated Icon of a growing plant. 2D animation can be embedded into a GIF for a website or created with an entirely transparent background for video files. easy to embed into a Powerpoint presentation or use as a standalone animation for social media or posts.  Creation […]

Light Bulb Icon Animation GIF

light bulb icon animation GIF

Light Bulb Icon Animation GIF – 2D Animation A looping 2d light bulb icon GIF. Ready for any powerpoint presentation or the web. Animation features include; glow, slight rotation and simple shapes. GIF format can easily be inserted into any presentation or used for social media infographics.  Creation Process:This animated GIF was created entirely inside […]

Subscribe Animation

Subscribe Animation Overlay

Subscribe Animation – Overlay Examples & Info Subscribe Animation Example: Whether you have a Youtube channel or other video platform that you regularly post videos to, animated subscribe buttons and animations can help boost organic engagement.  Animation Categories Shop Animations (click to play and see some overlay examples) YouTube Subscribe Animation The whole image […]