Bar Chart Animation GIF

Below is an example of an animated bar chart GIF along with a little about the creation process. If you're in need of a custom bar chart design or animation feel free to get in touch using the 'animate your data' button below.

Bar Chart Animation GIF

This GIF was originally created as a JSON animation. JSON format is typically used in app and website development. With exported JSON data you can begin to build interactivity and user interactions into your platform of choice. 

This animated graph can be customized with your own brand colors and utilized in video overlays or GIF format. GIF and video format are easy to embed into a PPT Presentation.

This animation goes through a full cycle every 10 seconds.

Creation Process:
This animated GIF was created created entirely inside Adobe After Effects. Elements include; position-based animations and scale effects.

Where To Use Bar Chart Animations:

Bar chart animations are commonly used in presentations, such as PowerPoint and Keynote. These GIF animations can easily be inserted to a slide or converted to video and made to be a seamless part of a multimedia presentation. Other common uses are:

Bar Chart Video Animations

Videos, such as this one here, can be simple or complex. Let’s say you want to show data trends over time, this can be the perfect way to showcase your data rather than trying to explain a complex excel document. 

Brand colors and logos can be incorporated into the video as well to help maintain a company’s identity. This can be especially helpful when used in social media – particularly when it comes to standing out in the endless stream of posts and updates. 

Animate Your Bar Chart & Graphs

Have an animated chart or graph that needs to be brought to life? Upload a screenshot or image of your graph and I’d be glad to start a brief mockup.

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Recent Data Animation Examples:

Browse below for some recent data animations and infographics. Add some flair to your ideas and data with motion graphics. Jon is an independent creative contractor for hire. Get in touch with any ideas and I’d be glad to start brainstorming. 

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