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Bell Notification Animation JSON

An animated bell icon design is ideal for representing notifications on websites and apps. This particular icon design is unique and attention-grabbing, making it perfect for catching users' attention. The design is also fully customizable, so you can easily change the color, size, and animation speed to match your brand's style.

Bell Icon Animation

This bell notification icon is animated in the JSON Format. It’s ready for iOS and Android devices. Shown here is JSON, for the web. One of the major differences between JSON and GIF format is the file size and installation process.  This is just an example for WordPress but the same animation can be reformatted for video, GIF or social media. 

(Shown here is a red bell, similar to that of YouTube’s. Other considerations for this animation are the color, speed of “ringing” and icon in the middle of the bell)

Bell Icon Creation & Uses

Created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Uploaded to this website using the “Lottie” framework for WordPress. This animation can be reformatted for video, social media, GIFs and more. All colors and dimensions can be reformatted to match your company colors and brand.

The bell notification icon is a great way to add an extra layer of interaction and engagement to your site or app. By using this icon, you can notify users of new content, updates, or special offers in a fun and eye-catching way. And because the icon is fully customizable, you can easily change the color, size, and animation speed to match your brand’s style. 

Have a Static Icon?

Let’s animate it into GIF, Lottie or video format. Learn more about animated icon services by clicking the button below.


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