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Browse and buy animated GIF icons. Easily embed in your website, presentations, apps and more. All animations can be customized to your color preferences and dimensions. Other formats include JSON/Lottie and Video icon animations. Browse below to learn about where and how to use them. Questions welcome!

Why Animated GIFs?

Embed To Websites

GIFs are ideal for landing pages, sales pages and educational sections of all websites. These can be great for giving users visual aides to supplement your text. 

No Plugins Needed

GIFs are great due to their multi-browser support. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and just about every major internet browser allow compatibility with animated icon GIFs.

GIF & SVG Format

All GIFs start out in SVG format (when starting from scratch) and are then animated using an SVG (scaleable vector graphic) software. In this case Adobe After Effects.

Browse GIF Library

Browse around below to learn about where and how you can buy animated icons. All colors, dimensions and format can be interchanged based on your needs. 

Download GIF Icons

GIFs are available for purchase and download and if need be a full zip file of PNGs of the GIF can also be created. This is ideal if you need a static image of the animation as well. 

Presentation Ready

Drag and drop custom icon GIFs to your presentations and even email. Learn how below with the short video tutorials. No 3rd party software is needed for GIF animations. 

Video Instructions To Embed Anywhere:

Two of the more popular ways to embed animated icons are within PowerPoint or the signature (footer section of your email). Below are three video instructions on how and where to use animated GIF icons.

GIFs For Email

Embedding a GIF to your email signature can consist of icons, logos or even your name in an animated format.

(how to embed GIFs in email signatures)

GIFs For Presentations

Animated icons are great for presentations, no matter what software you’re using. Popular formats are GIF and video. 

GIFs For Websites

Embedding a GIF to a website is quite easy. Insert as you might an image and give your landing page a dynamic feel.

(how to embed GIFs to websites)

Convert Icons To GIF

Don’t see an icon below that you’d like to purchase and customize? Get in touch and I’d be glad to animate/re-create your own icon in GIF or other format. To start, get in touch using the form below. 

(video inclues audio narration/instructions)

Questions or Orders? Get In Touch:

FAQ For Animated GIF Icons

How To Download GIF Icons?

Either get in touch using the form below or start adding the animated icons of choice to your cart and follow through the steps to ‘checkout.’ No payment will be processed today, instead I’ll be in touch shortly to go over all the details (color schemes, size, format with you). 

Where To Purchase Animated Icons?

Other popular places to browse animated icons are Videohive and Stock Animation Sites. The only drawback here is that these other sites will require that you have some working knowledge or editing software to put the animation into different formats. Here, GIF, JSON or Video is done for you. 

Can I Use These In Presentations?

PowerPoint is one of the more popular presentation software (refer to video instructions above). The upload process is quite simple and you can resize directly within PPT to the size and placement needed. 

What Is The Creation Process?

All icon animations start with SVG elements (scaleable vector graphics). This allows for full resolution when scaling the finalized GIFs to different sizes. A common misconception is SVG format, these are created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and will then need to be animated and exported in a dynamic format. Adobe After Effects is used to finalize the animations as needed. 

Do These Work On Websites?

Absolutely. Yes, these will be work on almost any website, just make sure you are importing the full sized GIF/animation prior to resizing. For WordPress or another popular “CMS,” this means a ‘full-sized’ upload (refer to video above).

Can I Use My Own Icons?

No problem at all, feel free to get in touch and mention that you already have an icon that you’d like animated. Ideal icon graphics (to-be-animated) will be in some fashion of vector format (.SVG, .EPS, .AI). Questions welcome. 

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