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Click To Call Elementor

Elementor's click to call feature is easy enough with a button and a very easy snippet of HTML. It's not intimidating, promise - you do need to know code.
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Copy This Code

First, You’ll need this snippet of code. It’s quite short and you’ll need it for the next step.


Use Button Element

Next, within Elementor, create a button element. Click and drag the button to wherever you’d like to place it on the page. Here’s an example button below.

click to call elementor

Insert Your Phone Number

Open up the button that you’ve just created and paste the code from above. Now, write your phone number directly after the “tel:” (without quotes) that you’ve just pasted. For the purposes of this example I’ve created a screenshot here with the sample number “1234567890”

It’s important that your number does not have any dashes, spaces, quotes or any other type of characters besides the number. There should not even be a space after the tel:

The button below has the exact code markup as the reference screenshot. Please not that this is not a real number and if you click the button it will assume you are calling the number 123-456-7890.

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