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Confetti Lottie

The confetti animation is like a welcoming party for users when they start using an app or website. It's a special effect in design that helps say "hello" or "well done" in a fun and colorful way.

This animation helps make a visitor's journey more lively, helping users to enjoy their digital experience and feel good about the steps completed.
Table of Contents

Confetti Animation

Creating a confetti animation is an exciting process that adds a splash of color and celebration to any digital space. Let’s simplify the journey of making this festive feature, keeping it light and easy to grasp for those who might be new to the digital design world.

The adventure begins with Adobe Illustrator, where designers draw each piece of confetti, choosing vibrant shapes and colors to craft a party-like atmosphere. These designs are vectors, meaning you can make them bigger or smaller without losing any quality, ensuring they always look sharp and lively.

Once the confetti designs are ready, they’re brought to life in Adobe After Effects. Here, the confetti starts moving, mimicking the joyful burst and flutter you’d see at a real-life celebration. This animation step, known as ‘shape bursts,’ transforms static drawings into a dynamic, dancing display.

Lottie Format

To make this animated celebration easy to use on websites and apps, it’s converted into a Lottie file. Lottie files are fantastic because they’re lightweight (so they won’t slow your site down) and resizable, fitting perfectly wherever you place them, from a small decoration on a button to a full-screen festive explosion.

Purchase and Customize

If you’re looking for something tailored just for you, custom animations can be created to fit your specific needs. Reach out for a quote and I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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