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Animated Graph and Chart Examples

Browse below for animated graphs and chart examples. 

Animated Marketing Report

It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful forms of content today. Animated marketing reports are a great way to harness the power of video for your business. They’re engaging, informative, and can help you reach a wider audience than traditional written reports. But like all types of videos, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating them.

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Lottie Graph Animation

Lottie Graph Animations are vector based animations that have been created using Adobe After Effects and are then exported as a json file. This is a particularly good format for websites, apps, and games that need animation, but do not want to deal with the hassle of creating individual files for each frame.

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Futuristic Line Graph Animation

Futuristic Line Graph Animation Futuristic line graph animation example. Embedded to autoplay within the website, notice that the line graph’s internal background loops seamlessly. 

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Choropleth Map Animation

Color-gradient changing map animation. This choropleth map animation was made to represent the geographic coverage of countries over time.

Get in touch below to start creating something like this for your projects.

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User Journey Animation

Below you will find a customer journey diagram animation. The customer journey showcases how a customer might end up using the services from a particular company and their interaction journey throughout.

If you are in need of a similar animation need, click of the ‘animate yours’ buttons around this page.

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Buy and Sell Order Animation

Below the other video examples on this page is a buy/sell order animation. The line chart showcases a cryptocurrency algorithm and recommends to buy or sell stock at the current market price. The stock profit animation showcases a running tally of the total profit (since inception).

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Financial Report Animation

Any presentation, pitch or marketing manager can benefit from sharing your client’s in a visually-appealing format. HD video animations do just that. Pair your animated financials (example shown below) with a logo animation and you’ll skip the ‘boring’ factor.

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Circle Chart Animation

Circle charts are great for quickly comparing percentages. Add in some colors that ‘pop’ and you’ve got yourself a presentation-ready video or GIF.

Need a circle chart? Get in touch or click the ‘animate your data’ button below to get started.

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Animated Google Analytics Reports

Have a Google report or dashboard that needs to be enhanced? Browse below at what some Google charts and metrics look like when animated. Animated reports can be customized and white labelled to pass along to clients.

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Animated Venn Diagram GIF

Venn Diagram GIF

Venn diagram animations are most frequently embedded in presentations and used to showcase the relationship between two or more topics and where they overlap.

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Powerpoint Flowchart Animation

Powerpoint Flowchart Animation

PowerPoint flowchart animations can come in a variety of formats. Given the limited nature of PowerPoint and other presentation software, some of the most engaging presentations come from video and GIF animations embedded into the pitch.

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Area Chart GIF Animation

Area Chart Animation

An area chart is a graphical representation of data where the area between a series of data points and an x-axis are filled in with color or shading. This makes it easy to see changes in the magnitude of the data over time.

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Pie Chart GIF Animation

Pie Chart Animation

A pie chart is a graphical tool used to display the relative proportions of different values within a dataset. They are most effective when displaying data that is broken down into categories. For example, you might use a pie chart to show the percentage of people who voted for each candidate in an election.

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Animated Line Graph

Line graph animations are ideal for comparing two sets of data over a timeline or showing a trend over time. Add unique colors, icons and more for a creative presentation.

Need an animated line graph? Get in touch or click the ‘Animate your Data’ button below.

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Stock Price Graph GIF

Shown below is an example of a stock price increasing over time. Also shown is the price of Ethereum over time, created for a client’s presentation.

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