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Desktop Computer Icon Animation

Animated desktop computer animation with mouse clicking to change conceptual data on the computer's screen. Shown below is an animated computer icon, looping seamlessly.

Animated SVG Computer Icon

This computer icon animation is easy to embed into a PPT, website or social media. Landing page icon animations are popular for conversions and engaging the scrolling user. 

The SVG icon can be customized for your own brand colors and utilize in video, GIF or JSON/Lottie format. Click the buy and customize button to learn more about the formats and how to get started in the customization process. 

Creation Process:
This looping icon animation was created using Adobe Illustrator and then exported into Adobe After Effects. Elements include; dashboard icon animations and moving charts. 

Have a Static Icon?

Let’s animate it into GIF, Lottie or video format. Learn more about animated icon services by clicking the button below.


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