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Jon’s services and content range from all areas of the sales funnel. These include lead generation, Google Ads optimization, and the construction of creativity for top-of-funnel engagement metrics. Looking to get everything synced up together from your website, to email campaigns and more? Read on below for some ideas.

Wordpress Portfolio Site

Grow your audiences and online presence

Creativity is the vessel that propels online growth

Target your future clients and get the word out

If you aren't using Google Analytics, you're leaving answers behind


Google Ads Audit

Almost all PPC ad accounts could use a pair of fresh eyes. Everything from negative keywords to the search query reports could help better allocate your adspend.

SEO Optimization

Search engines like fresh new page but they also prefer things like title tags, keyword-dense content and proper markup. If you're not using Search Console yet, let's start here.

WordPress Builds

Looking to build your own site or learn faster? Let's chat about your site's goals and reverse-engineer to reach those goals. This whole site was built using WordPress.

Plugin Automations

Let's say your site is up and running, great! Now you want to integrate with 3rd party services, such as email automation (based on certain events), and data tracking. Easy integration and setup.

Google Analytics

No matter what type of site you have, I highly recommend installing Google Analytics to keep better track of your customer base. Data goals are a great way to track the KPIs of your sales force.

2D Animations

Motion Graphics are becoming an increasingly popular way to stop the endless scroll. Great for animated site icons (such as the gears below) or looping GIFs for social media promotions.

Animated Icons

Looping animations, such as this one here, are great space-fillers. After creating them in Adobe After Effects, these moving components can be quickly added to WordPress sites with a 3rd party plugin. 

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