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Jon’s services and content range from all areas of the sales funnel. These include lead generation, Google Ads optimization, and the construction of creativity for top-of-funnel engagement metrics. Looking to get everything synced up together from your website, to email campaigns and more? Read on below for some ideas.

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Search Engine Marketing

What Is It?

Search marketing is the process that businesses use to attract potential buyers to their online presence, all based on what the visitor is searching on the web.

Google Ads Audits

Almost all PPC ad accounts could use a pair of fresh eyes. I would bet that your budget isn't being used as efficiently as it could be. Let's make sure the right queries are being targeted.

SEO Optimization

Search engines like Google or Bing can be utilized to showcase your products or services by expanding your company's 'digital landscape' (i.e. content marketing).

Content Planning

If you're planning to use SEO content marketing to reach your target audience you'll wonder at some point...but what do I actually blog about, and why?

Front End Development

What Is It?

If you've ever tried using Squarespace, WordPress, Wix or another website building platform, you've actually given front-end development a try. Front-end development eliminates the need for knowing custom codes, HTML and other programming languages. It focuses on the aesthetics and marketing systems on the backend of the site.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems. Whether you're looking to build a site from scratch, upkeep your original site or learn WordPress I'd be glad to point you in the right direction.

Theme Creation

If you're contemplating buying a 'theme' or template for your upcoming website, I would recommend rethinking. It's actually quite simple to recreate the appearance of most any premium website template.

Marketing Automations

If you're looking to integrate your WordPress website with 3rd party plugins or tools it can be a pain to figure out what needs to go where. Let's get all the Mailchimp's and marketing tools installed neatly.

Motion Graphics

What Is It?

Motion graphics are becoming an increasingly popular way to stop the endless scroll. Great for GIFs, explainer infographics, videos, web animations, email signatures and more.

Data Infographics

Animated infographics can be useful to showcase charts & diagrams in a flowing presentation. Music, animated icons, flowcharts and more can be incorporated for full media presentations..

Logo Animations

Let's turn your logo into a unique animation that you can utilize anywhere you need. Video or GIF format are two of the trending format needed. Use and reuse animation as needed.

Web & App Animations

If you're looking to embed an animation inside a website or app, I highly recommend looking into JSON or Lottie format. These format types load 10x faster than GIF and support more features.

Marketing Data Analytics

What Is It?

Making data-driven marketing decisions is one of the core fundamentals that I insist on. I don't like to thrown spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Some of my favorite tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Lead Generation

Let's do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Lead generation is the step-by-step process of connecting those interested in a solution to their problem with those who have the solution (in the form of a product or service).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free... If you aren't using this on your site yet, install it now! Even if you just set it and forget it, data trends will start forming behind the scenes to leave answers right in front of you.

Low Hanging Fruit

Where are your sales currently coming from... maybe not all of them but the majority? If you don't know that's okay but maybe it was a past email campaign that was gold. Chances are the answer is in your data inbox.

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