How To Start a Blog

How To Start a Blog: The Essential Tools Browse below for the necessary tools and resources to consider when starting a blog. Need help getting set up? Get in touch below and I’d be glad to offer any guidance or suggestions. (Jon Is a U.S. Based Freelancer with an expertise in creative online solutions, learn […]

Video Overlays

Video Overlay Animations

Looking for transparent video overlays? By inserting motion graphic elements into your videos, you can make use of creative popups, call to action buttons and more. Learn more below… 1. What Are Video Overlays Video overlays allow you to add a variety of different motion graphic elements and transparent backgrounds to your videos. No matter […]

Animated Graphs In Powerpoint

creating animated graphs in powerpoint

Animated GraphsIn Powerpoint No matter whether you are working with Powerpoint for Windows, Mac, or even Google Slides…inserting an animated graph is easy once you have the right format down. Learn more below. Examples Below Have¬† a chart or graph that needs some animation? Get a mockup of your data visualization.¬† Animate Your Graphs Examples […]

How To Create a Wix Favicon

How To Create Wix Favicon

Whether you are looking to start from scratch or change out the old Favicon (perhaps it’s the default Wix Favicon, Squarespace or a WordPress theme), there’s answers below. And FREE site icons available upon request. Shop Wix Animations Get In Touch 1. Site Icons 101 (aka Favicons) To begin with, let’s go over some of […]

Change Gravity Forms Next Button

Web Forms Submission Settings

Looking for a quick and easy way to change the “next” button? If you use multi-page forms and WordPress, this will help your layout optimization.