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Do I Need a Theme With Elementor?

If you’re using Elementor in conjunction with WordPress, chances are you will need to install a base theme to create a solid foundation of future plugins, layouts and more. Read on below for a list of best practices when it comes to choosing an Elementor theme. 

When Choosing a Theme for Elementor You Should Consider...


Speed of loading images, text blocks and other website elements is vital.


You want a theme that plays nicely with other plugins and connected accounts.


Show your website pages and information on both desktop and mobile.

Sometimes the most complicated systems behind-the-scenes appear the easiest out front.

Best Practices & Tips

If  you are looking for similar Elementor and WordPress tips and courses, feel free to browse the other lessons or get in touch with specific questions.

1. Global Site Settings

Your site’s font, colors and other integrations are actually tied in behind the scenes, making sure everything stays connected.

In order to quickly make changes across your site, instead of editing each headline and font on every page, WordPress and Elementor take care of all the complicated code that goes on unseen. With a quick setting change you can change your button colors, headline sizes and more.

2. Theme Recommendation

If you’re wondering which Elementor theme is the best to use, I highly recommend the “Hello” theme by Elementor.

Elementor has gone ahead and solved many of the loading issues, connectivity and building issues by creating their own theme that was designed to be used with Elementor’s page builder. It’s a lightweight theme that loads faster than most others, mainly because it’s been stripped away from the bells and whistles that may otherwise start slowing down the site.

3. Can You Code?

Remember, the main reason you’re using Elementor is because you want to avoid the code and recreate landing pages, services and blog posts without the hassle of code.

Don’t let yourself get tripped up by fancy premium themes, widgets and more. This site runs on the Hello theme by Elementor but every page, menu and blog post has the capability to be unique from another (depending on the need).


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