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Learn Elementor Fast To Create and Manage Your Own Site.

Learn to use Elementor with a personalized, no-camera-required screen-sharing session. Join a hands-on tutorial with Jon to harness Elementor’s power for seamless website management. See real-time edits and tips, unlock Elementor’s secrets, and gain the skills to confidently manage your site—all from the comfort of your home with just internet access.

For first-time students only, book a 20-minute crash tutoring session with Jon to get your questions answered fast. Upon booking, you will receive a Google Meet confirmation. Leave your questions when you book so Jon can be prepared for the lesson.

Manage Your Own Site

Gain the skills to confidently edit and update your website without relying on developers. Make changes anytime, ensuring your site stays current and relevant.

Personalized Guidance

Receive tailored advice and real-time feedback from Jon, focusing on your unique needs. Learn the most effective ways to utilize Elementor’s powerful features.

Real-Time Problem Solving

Address your specific challenges with Elementor as they arise. Get immediate solutions and practical tips, making the learning process smooth and effective.

Flexibility & Control

Gain complete control over your website's design and functionality. Customize layouts, widgets, and features to perfectly match your brand’s vision.

User-Friendly Interface

Discover how to navigate Elementor’s intuitive interface effortlessly. Simplify your web design process with easy-to-use tools and features.

Web Confidence

Develop the expertise to create and manage professional websites. Build your confidence as a web designer and impress clients or employers with your abilities.

Learn What You Need

I can teach you just about anything you’d like within Elementor, here are a few just to get started:

Just starting out on your Elementor journey? Already know the ropes but want some advanced features?

Wherever you stand I would be glad to chat further. If you already know the basics and want to go over some unique strategies to build traffic to your site I would be glad to go over any of your search marketing nuances. 

Embed Videos

Contact Forms

Upload Images

Integrate Analytics

Click-To-Call Buttons

Create Templates

Responsive Pages

Social Media

Add Maps

Booking Calendars

"Jon is amazing at what he does! He built a website from scratch with very little guidance from me. He is patient and corralled my winding thought process to produce a wonderful website. Jon's communication is stellar. He is prompt in all aspects of his work. I will continue to use his services as long as he is offering them. You can't go wrong working with Jon."

How It Works:

Step 1. 

Book Online

Use the automated Calendly link to schedule your session. The system adjusts to your time zone, ensuring you pick a time that’s convenient for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Step 2.

Receive Meeting Link

After booking, you’ll receive an email with a Google Meet link for your chosen meeting time. This email will contain all the details you need to join the session.

Step 3. 

Start Lesson

At the scheduled time, simply click the Google Meet link provided in the email to join the session. It's quick and easy, so you can start learning right away.

Step 4.

Learn From Anywhere

Feel free to stay comfortable in your pajamas—no cameras are required on your end. Just sit back, watch the screen-sharing tutorial, and absorb the knowledge from Jon.