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Get help with Elementor, either free page mockups or a free lesson. Let’s get your pages up and running faster!

Some recent creative and analytical clients:

Video Integrations

With Elementor your videos are easy to upload and embed from Youtube, Vimeo, or other 3rd party options.

Fast Page Building

With Elementor’s building features, you can easily avoid coding while saving and uploading your new templates and elements.

3rd Party Plugins

Third party email integrations, such as Mailchimp, allow for the collection and automation of updates and lead magnets.

Data Integrations

Have your page ready and already installed? Now it’s time to get your data up to speed with Google Analytics.

What's The Best Configuration?

Wondering what the best configuration for Elementor is? It’s best to start with your end goal in mind, from here you can reverse-engineer the best settings. Drag and drop background images, email integrations and more! It’s all possible once you have a solid grasp of the foundations.

Animations such as this configuration slider are also made possible when using Elementor. You can scale and drop them wherever you need.

Frequently asked questions

You could get lost fiddling and tweaking Elementor for hours but I highly recommend starting with your end goals in mind. The big question is “what does this page need to do?” Does the page need an email or contact form? Once you have the page’s goal, it’s far easier to create faster.

Page templates can be uploaded, either from the free or Pro version, and customized to your needs. In fact, I would highly recommend uploading a free demo template from Elementor first and then configuring to your needs (this certainly saves a lot of time).

I am not affiliated with Elementor in any way, I am simply a user of WordPress and enjoy creating sites. One of the main reasons that I find Elementor to be powerful is the integrations with third party plugins and data.

Absolutely. If you are simply looking for a quick lesson so that you can go and build on your own, I’d be glad to get you set up fast. Typically I use something like Zoom or Skype (both free) to share my screen and get you creating faster. First 20 minute lesson is free upon request.

To integrate with Google Analytics (in order to view your website’s data) you will need a third party plugin. I might recommend something like Monster Insights but I would be glad to chat further about this as well based on your needs.

Elementor Questions or Mockups

Whether you need a quick Elementor lesson or would like a free page mockup, get in touch below and let’s get you rockin’ and rollin’ fast.