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Email Signature Templates

This post was created to help point you in the right direction when choosing an email signature template. Oftentimes, creating and customizing your own template will be the most beneficial option, but there are many pre-made options available as well.

When deciding on a template to use, consider the context and purpose of your message. Are you sending an email to a business contact? A client? A friend? The type of signature that’s appropriate for each recipient is different. Let's learn more below.
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what are email signature templates

Let’s first chat briefly about what email signature templates are. Email signature templates are predefined blocks of text and images that you can easily insert into each one of your emails. They typically feature contact information, such as your name and job title, plus links to relevant webpages or social media profiles.

Template formats

The format of your template is going to vary based on the context of your email. Are you looking to incorporate clickable links, some animated GIFs or footer banners?

For business emails, you may want to include a professional logo or tagline, as well as your contact information. For more casual messages, you might use images and animated GIFs to lighten the tone of the conversation.

professional email signature templates

Oftentimes, professional emails require a classic and simple template. Think basic contact information such as your name, job title, phone number, website address and social media profiles. If you are working for an organization with strict branding guidelines, you may want to include the company logo within your signature as well.

personal email signature templates

For more casual emails, you can let go of some of the formality and get creative with your signature. You could use GIFs or stickers to make it visually interesting. Include fun images or animations that express your personality and make it more memorable.

Animated Email Templates

Adding some animation to your signature is going to require a GIF (whether logo, icon or text). These GIFs are easy to install but require further considerations. Learn more on the animated email signature page.

making your signature stand out

Once you have your template in place, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your signature stands out from other emails. Consider using a unique font style or color scheme that makes the signature stand out from the rest of the message. You can also use bolding or italicizing to draw the eye towards the important pieces of information.

where to find email signature templates

There are many resources available online that offer pre-made email signature templates that you can easily customize. Sites like Envato, Email Signature Rescue and Canva all have plenty of professionally designed options to choose from. You can also contact a designer to help with the process, if you prefer a more unique look.

don't forget

When it comes to email signature templates, the most important thing is to make sure you’re picking one that fits with the context and purpose of your message. Consider the type of recipient you are sending to, as well as any branding guidelines for your organization or company. With

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