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Fiverr Sellers Plus Program Review

A review from a (at this point in time) Level 2 Fiverr Seller. I am in no way affiliated with Fiverr or their Seller Plus program. I simply want to give some transparency to others and review what went in to making the decision to try out the seller plus program.
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Is Fiverr Seller Plus Worth It?

Yes but only if you are taking into account the factors below.

Fiverr’s seller’s plus program is a new beta version as of early November 2021. They’re rolling it out and have sent out invitations or made it accessible to select sellers on the Fiverr platform. 

Coming in at $29/month, the big question is – is this worth it or my Fiverr business?

Who's Behind This Review?

I’m Jon, an independent contractor (with no association to Fiverr whatsoever, besides being a seller on the platform). As of this point, November 2021, I am a level 2 seller and have a 5/5 star rating on the platform. The goal of this review is to shed some light behind-the-scenes of the Fiverr platform. I am a 2d animator within Fiverr, niching into the data and graph animation side of things (think infographics and marketing data that is crafted into 2d animations for presentations and client pitches).

Pardon any typos, I am not a writer by nature. 

I won’t go through my whole backstory of how/when I joined Fiverr but feel free to message me and I’d be glad to chat further. In the meantime, let’s dive into this Fiverr Sellers Plus Program. 

Sellers Plus: The Key Features

The main features that Fiverr touts for its new Sellers Plus program are:

fiverr sellers plus worth it?

Let’s break these down as some of them are pretty ambiguous. 

Your Dedicated Account Manager


Insights With Advanced Analytics

I’ll be honest, this is 100% what interested me initially, I’m not interested in discounting my sales with coupons and I’m not sure yet what an account manager will say (updates on this to come*). 

I’m a marketing and sales guy outside Fiverr so I get the benefit of integrating your marketing analytics and questions back into your product/service optimization. What do I mean here? Take for example, you’re on this webpage – that’s no accident. I do my own search engine optimization and research on what analytics, keywords and sources traffic comes to my website (by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console). 

I have many landing pages behind-the-scenes of my site that I am continuously tweaking based off how users are sticking around or hopping off. The goal of course is to get people to stick around on the things that you are selling and provide the user with quality content by anticipating their next question. 

In the case of Fiverr’s platform there isn’t as much control at your fingertips and you certainly don’t know what people are typing into the search bar to be discovered. 

At its core, Fiverr gives you a few key metrics:

fiverr increase gig impressions

Let’s be honest…these are vanity metrics. 

They don’t tell you what will actually help you optimize your gig’s performance. Like so many marketing agencies that only measure impressions and clicks to a website, how are these supposed to help you? If you don’t know where the traffic comes from or what happens after that traffic lands on your website, how are you supposed to optimize/improve your reach?

Fiverr Seller Analytics:

Here’s what your Fiverr selling metrics look like out-of-the-box (before paying for something like the Sellers Plus Program). Of course your seller metrics will look different, I’ll do another post in the future about increasing your average selling price, etc. 

The screenshot below shows three other tabs ‘locked out,’ these are the metrics that I’m interested in using for performance. 

Fiverr Seller Coupons

Fiverr Coupons? Yup. 
Fiverr says “Offer Coupons to your valued buyers… get more repeat orders by offering exclusive coupons for your Gigs to chosen buyers you love to work with.”

First off, I’ll say that Fiverr’s come a long way. When it started off it seemed that every single buyer expected to pay the same price, $5/per order (hence Fiverr’s name). This is actually what drove me away from the platform after a very brief time, now I’m back and interested in how to take advantage of Fiverr’s analytics and larger-budget clients. 

Now I won’t get off too much in a tangent of how micro-gigs can act as a ‘lead magnet’ for larger projects. If you’re interested in this subject, I’ll have a future blog post to link to but for now try googling “Ryan Deiss, Product Splintering” to see some of the strategy behind it. 

My two cents…the whole point of being a seller on Fiverr is to make money. If you offer a quality product and consistently deliver, the same repeat buyers will naturally return. One of the keys that I’ve been working towards it getting that average selling price up. I want to spend less time doing the projects, in turn increasing my hourly rate. 

Coupons do this a disservice. 

Below is a screenshot of my ‘repeat business’ analytics to this point (without purchasing Fiverr Seller Plus Program).

fiverr repeat business analytics

How Much Does Fiverr's Sellers Plus Program Cost?

Fiverr’s seller plus program costs $29 per month, without any kind of annual contract. Upon the checkout page, Fiverr states that no credit card is required and it will take the $29 out of your current balance. 

I’m fine with that, at least to test it out for a month. 

cost of fiverr sellers plus program

How Much Does Fiverr's Sellers Plus Program Cost?

Upon signup of the seller plus program I’m prompted to choose my Seller Success Manager. Fiverr’s dedicated representative who will give me advice on how to improve my gig. I’m also promoted to sign up for upcoming events and check out their resource guides. 

I’m presented with a list of success managers and a brief description of their credentials. It seems like the earliest meeting that I can get (30 minute meet and greet with the success manager) is about 2.5 weeks out. Each success manager is going to have a different schedule but it looks like I’ll be meeting at 4:30am my time (based out of Colorado, U.S.) as they are in Tel Aviv. 

Maybe Fiverr needs more success managers? Either way, glad to have something on the books and I’ll explore from what’s available to me now.

seller plus signup
choose your seller success manager list

Fiverr Advanced Analytics: Gig Performance

Okay, we’re in!

Let’s go through the first set of analytics to get a sense of what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Under my gig performance tab it looks like I’ve got a 20.24% conversion rate. Fiverr says I’m “outperforming 96% of sellers in your subcategory” when it comes to buyers actually making a purchase. 

Great, this is good to know that at least the strategy I’ve put in up until this point has been paying off (financial payoff aside for the time being).

fiverr seller gig performance analytics

Fiverr Advanced Analytics: Order Breakdown

The 2nd unlocked tab that we’ll take a look at is the “Orders Breakdown” tab. The biggest takeaway from this tab is the sources of orders, I did not realize that Fiverr gig’s show up in the search results – my understanding was that Fiverr funneled all new buyers to the platform through their homepage and then to the category in question. 

I’ll admit, one of the reasons I’m interested in these analytics is getting ideas for my own site’s SEO purposes. I’ll create another blog post on this in the future (integrating Fiverr’s keywords and topics into your own product development) but for now I’ll put a pin in this.

fiverr seller order breakdown analytics

Fiverr Advanced Analytics: Top Keywords

Now this is the part that I came for, the keyword analytics. I’ll write a further explanation shortly breaking down how to re-integrate these keywords into your acquisition campaigns but for now let’s take a look at the screenshot below. You’ll see a few filters at the top where you can sort your keywords by revenue, impressions, clicks, etc. 

I’m interested in the conversion rates and revenues. I want to know which keywords and pairs of keywords are generating me the most money. At the end of the day your key performance indicators, in any marketing or sales venture, should equal a dollar amount and ideally turn a profit.

I’ve purposefully blanked out the keywords here so that a competitor in the same category can’t come along, copy these keywords/phrases and there goes my edge on the competition from an analytical-standpoint.

fiverr seller top keywords

Conclusion: For Now...

It’s pretty straightforward thus far, Fiverr’s seller plus program. I’m certainly interested in what feedback the success manager will have but for now at least I know I’m on the right track and I’ll add to this post shortly when I have further information. 

In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with any questions and I’d be glad to strike up a conversation!

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