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Fiverr Sellers Plus Program Review

A review from a (at this point in time) Level 2 Fiverr Seller. I am in no way affiliated with Fiverr or their Seller Plus program. I simply want to give some transparency to others and review what went in to making the decision to try out the seller plus program.
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who's behind this review?

Hey there! I’m Jon, your fellow creative explorer, navigating the vibrant world of Fiverr. I don’t spend all my time in Fiver but have found it to be a useful selling tool for various projects along the way.

Just to be clear, I have no official ties or affiliation with Fiverr—I’m simply here rocking it as a seller, perhaps just like you. Since I first penned this piece back in 2021, as a level 2 Seller, I’ve taken the time to spruce it up with some updates and specific examples for 2024. Let’s dive in!

Fiverr Seller review

Cost of Seller Plus Program

Back when I initially wrote this article, Fiverr was just rolling out its Seller Plus program. It was a one-size-fits-all solution priced at $29 per month, designed to elevate the selling experience on the platform.

The purpose of this program is to give a suite of features aimed at helping sellers grow their businesses, gain insights, and enjoy faster payment processing among other benefits.

Fast forward to now, 2024 and Fiverr has refined its approach, introducing a tiered Seller Plus Program to cater to a broader range of needs and budgets.
The tiered structure now includes a more accessible $19 per month option, alongside the original $29 premium tier. The $19/month tier is particularly appealing for sellers looking for specific boosts to their selling experience without the comprehensive support of a Dedicated Account Manager found in the premium tier. It includes several key features:

The distinguishing factor between the $19 and the $29 tiers is, notably, the Dedicated Account Manager provided in the premium option. This difference highlights Fiverr’s attempt to cater to both sellers who desire hands-on, personalized guidance and those who prefer a more autonomous approach with selected benefits.

Seller Plus Key Features

fiverr sellers plus worth it?

Starting with your ‘dedicated success manager,’ let’s take a look at what happens when you sign up for the Fiverr Seller Plus program.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look: 

Choose Your Seller Success Manager

As soon as I enroll in the Seller Plus program, Fiverr nudges me towards selecting a Seller Success Manager—essentially, my go-to expert for personalized guidance on enhancing my gig’s performance.

Alongside this, there’s an encouragement to register for forthcoming events and delve into their treasure trove of resource guides, aiming to arm me with knowledge and opportunities for growth.

The selection process presents me with an array of success managers, each profiled with an overview of their expertise and background. It’s an interesting mix, offering a glimpse into the diverse support network Fiverr has cultivated. However, securing an initial meeting—a 30-minute introductory session—proves to be a bit of a waiting game, with the earliest slot available being roughly 2.5 weeks away.

Scheduling is a bit tricky; considering I’m in Colorado and the success managers are based in Tel Aviv, I find myself facing a 4:30 AM meeting time to accommodate the time zone difference.

This situation does make me wonder if expanding the team of success managers might benefit the program, ensuring more flexibility and shorter wait times for sellers eager to get started.

initial meeting scheduled

After booking a call with my Seller success manager, I received a follow-up email that was both comprehensive and insightful. The message contained about half a dozen bullet points of advice, covering everything from gig optimization to communication strategies with buyers. Additionally, it included a few links to Fiverr’s internal articles and webinars, which were aimed at further expanding my understanding and implementation of the suggested improvements.

While the guidance provided was solid, emphasizing strategies to boost my visibility on the platform, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that Fiverr takes a flat 20% fee from sellers’ earnings. This led me to consider whether a portion of this fee contributes to the Seller Success Manager’s efforts.

However, my opinion on this arrangement is somewhat irrelevant —regardless of how the fees are allocated, Fiverr would take its 20% cut either way. The critical takeaway is that the advice, though undoubtedly aimed at increasing sales (and by extension, Fiverr’s revenue), does offer genuine value by potentially increasing visibility into new realms.

Success Manager in action

When faced with a problematic order that threatened to impact my metrics negatively as a seller, I reached out to my Seller Success Manager for advice.

The concern was that this order could tarnish my seller rating, an aspect critical to maintaining my reputation and visibility on Fiverr. The Success Manager empathized with my situation, acknowledging the frustration such an ordeal can cause. They advised, “Regarding the problematic order, I completely understand how frustrating it must be and I apologize that this buyer is rather disappointing. That being said, what I recommend we do at this stage, is open a ticket to our Support Team, explain the issue which is currently happening, provide them with proof for the work which was already completed and then you will be able to be compensated directly from Fiverr.” Following this guidance, I looped in the regular support team as instructed.

seller plus resolution

Contacting the Success Manager ended up proving helpful in this situation. After I had reached out to the regular support team with the details and evidence of the completed work, the Success Manager took additional steps to address the issue. They informed me, “I wanted to let you know that I went ahead and made sure to not include this order’s cancellation rate into your account’s statistics. So no need to worry about this one.” This resolution was a significant relief, ensuring that the problematic order did not adversely affect my seller statistics and, by extension, my standing on the platform.

The reversal of the cancellation rate’s impact on my account was my primary concern, and the Success Manager addressed this effectively. By ensuring, “I wanted to let you know that I went ahead and made sure to not include this order’s cancellation rate into your account’s statistics. So no need to worry about this one,” they provided a tailored solution that directly tackled the core of my worries. This intervention not only safeguarded my metrics but also reinforced the value of having a dedicated Success Manager to navigate such challenges.

However, it’s important to note that if a seller is at fault in a problematic order, the outcome might not be as favorable. The Success Manager carefully reviewed the order details and concluded, “I had gone over the order, and could see that probably the main reason for the cancellation here was really, due to the buyer not having provided the essential information before the order began. It seems that he changed his mind throughout the order, and you really did the right thing by choosing to part ways. Your gig seems clear enough in my opinion!” This indicates that while Success Managers can mitigate the impact of cancellations, their ability to do so favorably leans heavily on the seller’s adherence to Fiverr’s policies and the clarity of their gig descriptions. Sellers bear the responsibility of ensuring their listings are comprehensive and that they fulfill their end of the agreement to maintain positive metrics and outcomes.

Out of Office

While it’s completely understandable and expected that Seller Success Managers, being human, would take vacations, it appears there isn’t a robust plan in place to support sellers in their absence. When your dedicated Success Manager is away, the gap in personalized, strategic support is apparent. Of course, everyone deserves a break, including the hardworking staff at Fiverr, but the lack of a contingency team or interim support system leaves a gap.

If you find yourself in need of assistance during these periods, the fallback is the regular support team. While capable, the regular support does not offer the same tailored advice and in-depth knowledge about your specific situation and gigs that a Success Manager provides. This situation can be a bit of a setback for sellers seeking immediate and specialized guidance.

Non-Seller Plus Order Resolution

While the Seller Plus program and its promise of a Seller Success Manager sound like a VIP backstage pass, sellers armed with meticulous records and airtight business practices often find they wield all the power they need to sort issues out smoothly.

Here’s an example from my own experience where the regular Fiverr ticketing system was able to help me out.  A support rep took a deep dive into my case and discovered, “Upon review, I can see that the buyer requested revisions that were not included in the original order scope and seemed to have misunderstood the service, leading to your offering to cancel the order. Therefore, I’ve removed the cancellation from impacting your Order Completion Rate, which is at 100%.” 

This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the might of crystal-clear agreements, rock-solid documentation, and setting the stage correctly with buyers right from the get-go. Sellers who navigate their gigs with this level of diligence and integrity often sail smoothly through Fiverr’s seas, even without a Success Manager at their side. This methodical approach is a beacon for maintaining stellar service records and ensuring that no unfair cancellation throws you off course.

So, while the bells and whistles of the Seller Plus program have their allure, the truth is, sellers who dot their i’s and cross their t’s find they’re perfectly equipped to handle the ebbs and flows with Fiverr’s regular support system. Being proactive, organized, and crystal clear in your dealings not only sets you up for success—it proves that sometimes, the best support is a strong foundation you build yourself.

Advanced Analytics Breakdown

The advanced analytics was what got me to shell over some money for the Sellers Plus Program. Admittedly, my initial intrigue with the program wasn’t about offering discounts through coupons or the potential advice from an account manager (I’ll keep you posted on that). My background in marketing and sales, beyond the Fiverr universe, has taught me the immense value of weaving marketing analytics directly into refining your offerings.

What I’m trying to say is this: there’s a reason you found your way to this page, and it’s not just chance. I use a bit of digital magic called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, to help guide people here. By exploring tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, I can see how visitors come to my site, discovering the words they use and where they’re coming from. This helps me make sure that when you’re searching for something I offer, my page is one you find.

I’m always looking for ways to make my offerings more appealing, both on and off the Fiverr universe. The aim is to create content that not only grabs attention but also keeps it, by cleverly predicting and answering the next question a visitor might have.

However, when we shift our focus to Fiverr’s platform, the level of control over these aspects feels a bit more limited. It’s not as easy to see how or why people find your gigs, since you don’t have direct access to what they’re searching for. But this is where the advanced metrics offered in Fiverr’s Seller Plus program come into play. These tools are designed to bridge that gap, providing deeper insights into the performance of your gigs and how they’re discovered, which is a game-changer for sellers aiming to optimize their presence and appeal on Fiverr. Let’s dive into how these metrics can transform the way we approach selling on the platform.

Fiverr's Key Metrics

At its core, among all sellers, Fiverr provides a few metrics to get you started. These metrics are available to you even if you do not have either of the Seller Plus subscriptions.
fiverr increase gig impressions

While these metrics might seem useful at first glance, they often fall into the category of what’s known as “vanity metrics.” Essentially, they offer a surface-level view of your gig’s visibility and initial interest but lack the depth to inform meaningful optimization strategies.

Let’s draw a parallel to the broader world of digital marketing. Many marketing agencies focus heavily on tracking impressions (views) and clicks (engagement) for their campaigns. While these numbers might look impressive on reports, they don’t necessarily translate into actionable insights. Without understanding the source of your traffic or what actions visitors take after landing on your page, you’re left in the dark about how to effectively enhance your gig’s performance.

This limitation is similar to knowing that people see your shop window and even step inside but having no clue why they leave without buying anything. Without deeper insights—such as which aspects of your gig entice viewers to click, what keywords are bringing them to you, or detailed demographics of your audience—it’s challenging to refine your offering or tailor your approach to better meet potential buyers’ needs.

In essence, while Fiverr’s provided metrics offer a starting point, they scratch only the surface of what sellers need to truly understand and improve their gig’s appeal and performance. Recognizing the actions and preferences behind the numbers is key to developing a more targeted, effective strategy that not only attracts viewers but converts them into loyal customers.

Seller Analytics Unlocked

Here’s what your Fiverr selling metrics look like out-of-the-box (before paying for something like the Sellers Plus Program). Of course your seller metrics will look different, I’ll do another post in the future about increasing your average selling price, etc.

The screenshot below shows three other tabs ‘locked out,’ these are the metrics that I’m interested in using for performance. They’re broken down, starting in the next section.

Fiverr Seller Analytics

gig performance

Time to sift through the initial wave of analytics to uncover the story they’re telling about my gig’s journey. Peeking into the gig performance tab of my Fiverr account, there’s a notable number that catches the eye—a 20.24% conversion rate.

Fiverr’s feedback on this is pretty encouraging; apparently, I’m “outperforming 96% of sellers in your subcategory” regarding the rate at which window shoppers turn into actual buyers.

fiverr seller gig performance analytics

Order breakdown

Diving into the “Orders Breakdown” tab offers another intriguing perspective on how my gigs are performing. What really caught my attention here was uncovering the origins of my orders. Previously, I assumed Fiverr’s internal navigation—from its homepage to specific categories—was the main pathway for new buyers to find my gigs. However, learning that my gigs appear in Google’s search results was a revelation. This means my Fiverr offerings have a wider audience reach than I first imagined, thanks to Google’s vast search landscape.

This insight is particularly exciting for me, and I’ll be the first to admit, my interest is somewhat selfish. Understanding that my gigs gain traction through Google search results opens up a strategic avenue for me to harness this data for my website’s benefit. It’s about more than just curiosity; it’s about leveraging these analytics to refine my own site’s SEO and content strategy, ensuring that what works on Fiverr can be reintegrated to amplify my personal online presence and strategy.

fiverr seller order breakdown analytics

Top Keywords

Now this is the part that I came for, the keyword analytics!

For those new to digital marketing, keyword queries are essentially the terms or phrases potential clients use when searching for services on platforms like Fiverr, Google and other large search engines.. By identifying which of these queries lead to actual sales, you can tailor your marketing efforts to target more effectively.

In another post, I’ll create a better tutorial on how to reintegrate this knowledge to your marketing efforts but before we get into that, let’s glance at the screenshot coming up. It features several filters at the top, allowing you to organize your keywords based on revenue, impressions, clicks, and more.

fiverr seller top keywords

Understanding conversion rates and revenues is key for me. I’m eager to uncover which specific keywords or combinations are the most profitable. In any digital marketing or sales strategy, the ultimate goal is to see your efforts reflected in financial success. 

I’ve purposefully blanked out the keywords here so that a competitor in the same category can’t come along, copy these keywords/phrases and there goes my edge on the competition from an analytical-standpoint.


Seller plus improvements

Fiverr, much like other freelancing platforms, generally operates under the assumption that sellers predominantly work within its ecosystem, focusing their marketing and client interactions directly on the platform. This perspective, while practical for many, overlooks the strategic efforts of freelancers who cultivate their brand and client base across multiple channels, including personal websites. Such freelancers are keen on understanding the full scope of their online presence and its impact on their Fiverr gigs, seeking detailed analytics that bridge their external marketing efforts with Fiverr’s internal metrics.

In an effort to deepen my understanding of my freelance business’s performance, I approached my Seller Success Manager with a feature request: the integration of Google Analytics with Fiverr’s platform. My goal was to gain insights into how traffic from my personal website translates into conversions on Fiverr. This request stems from a broader strategy employed by many freelancers, myself included, who don’t solely rely on Fiverr for client acquisition but also direct potential clients from their personal websites to their Fiverr gigs. It’s a smart approach, diversifying the sources of potential work rather than placing all one’s eggs in the Fiverr basket. This not only enhances the freelancer’s visibility but also provides a more robust analysis of their marketing efforts’ effectiveness.

However, my Success Manager informed me that, “Unfortunately, at the moment, this is not something which is possible, and currently the tracking option we offer internally is within the analytics portion of your Fiverr profile, and the view for order breakdown.” This response underscores a current limitation within Fiverr’s analytics offerings, highlighting a gap in the platform’s ability to provide comprehensive insights for sellers who engage in multichannel marketing. The existing analytics tools, while useful for understanding performance within Fiverr, don’t accommodate the tracking of external traffic conversions—information crucial for optimizing marketing strategies and understanding the return on investment from different sources.

It’s a bit of a bummer that we can’t use Google Analytics with our Fiverr gigs yet. This feature would be a game-changer for freelancers like us who use our websites and other platforms to attract clients. Imagine the insights we could gain into how customers find us and what makes them click that ‘Order’ button! While we’re not there yet, this wishful thinking highlights how much we all value tools that help us understand and grow our businesses in this digital age.

Fiverr Coupons: A Race To The Bottom

Fiverr’s Seller Plus program includes a feature that’s been a topic of discussion among freelancers on the platform: the coupon program. This aspect allows sellers to create exclusive discounts for their gigs, which they can then offer to select buyers. The idea is to encourage repeat business by rewarding loyal customers with special offers, thus potentially increasing the frequency of orders from clients who already appreciate the seller’s work.

The coupon program is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling sellers to customize the discount rates and decide which gigs to apply them to. This can be a strategic tool for sellers looking to boost sales during slower periods or to show appreciation to their regular clients. It’s also a way to potentially attract new customers who might be on the fence about making a purchase. By offering a limited-time discount, sellers can nudge these prospects towards trying out their services.

Looking back at its launch, Fiverr has come a long way from its original setup, where the standard $5 gigs might have unintentionally led freelancers to undervalue their work, affecting the perceived value of their services. This initial model was a major reason I decided to take a break from the platform, as it seemed to constrain freelancers’ ability to fully demonstrate the worth of their work. However, the chance to leverage Fiverr’s advanced analytics and access a demographic of clients with bigger budgets provided a strong motive to reconsider. The idea of starting with smaller gigs to eventually land bigger, more profitable projects—a tactic referred to as product splintering (for more information on this strategy, I’d refer you to Ryan Deiss from the Digital Marketer company).

My opinion is that the practice of offering discounts through coupons ultimately does a disservice to sellers, undermining the true value of their offerings and compounding on the fees that Fiverr already subtracts. 

Seller Plus Review

It’s clear that for those who thrive on data and analytics, this program has considerable appeal. The detailed insights into gig performance and buyer behavior can be incredibly valuable. However, it’s also true that many of the benefits provided by the Seller Plus program can be achieved through diligent work and effective strategies outside of this premium offering. Personally, while I find the keyword analytics particularly useful, the overall cost of $19 or $29 a month feels steep given my existing internal digital marketing strategies that have proven successful.

If there were an option to pay less for access solely to these analytics, I’d definitely feel the benefit of continuing to pay on a monthly basis but for now I have paused my subscription after a few years of testing out the waters and learning what I can.

Free Resources and Strategies…

Boost your freelancing skills with the essential resources and tips available through the link below. 

It’s a comprehensive guide for freelancers at any stage, packed with practical advice and strategies to enhance your freelancing journey. From refining your skills to improving client interactions, this page is a valuable resource for growing your freelance career. 

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