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Fotopress WordPress Theme

Let’s chat about the…

Fotopress WordPress Theme

The Fotopress WordPress theme by DesirePress is a functionaly, simple, theme right out of the box. But what makes it unique? Let’s take a look at the components and features below.

fotopress wordpress theme

Fotopress Features

Let’s start by taking a look at the foundations of the Fotopress template…

The makers of Fotopress tout this as a attractive and responsive business theme for WordPress. But how so?


Fotopress Updates & History

At the time of this post, Fotopress does not have any recorded updates since December of 2017, about 3 years ago. While not necessarily a bad thing, this may indicate that support for the theme is limited. 

On the plus side of things however, the cost for the theme is free. If you want the theme without the footer copyright link back to the company’s site, the fee is $10 (at this point in time). 

Wordpress Fotopress Theme Udpates

Installation Requirements & Skills

So you’re getting ready to download the theme, awesome. But what skills do you actually need? 

Just like with any WordPress theme, you’ll need a working knowledge of  WordPress to get up and running. This is also assuming that you know how to set up a hosting plan, install WordPress to your domain and install the new theme. Only then can you begin swapping out the images, links and buttons to make it your own.

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