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Creative Designs: WordPress Website Developer

Greetings! My name is Jon and I create WordPress Websites for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Here you can browse some samples of what to expect on your site and my philosophies on what makes a nice WordPress site. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Top Ranked CMS

Without a doubt, WP is one of the most flexible content management systems.

No Coding

Edit your own site without the hassle. Site built with no 'developer lock' feature.

Custom Appearance

You have preferences, colors and style that you want to showcase. Let's build together.

Responsive Sites

Whether you're on mobile or desktop, you'll want a site that is flexible for any browsing environment.

Planning Your Project?
Get a Free Consultation

Whether you’re just starting off with an acorn of an idea or have content ready to go, get in touch for your free 15 minute consultation session. Here we’ll be able to walk through your WordPress Website ideas and bring them to life. 

Active Pages

What To Expect
Custom Website Builds

In my opinion there are few essentials for every website. These include some of the following features:


You have ideas, it's my job to help bring them to life. Between the content, contact forms and blog, let's make this puzzle easy to understand.


Ever been on a site that says "not secure?" They're not using an SSL for secure browsing. A certain 'must-have' feature in this day and age.


Ever been on a site that you have to zoom in and then scroll forever to the left or right in order to reach the next sentence? ...We don't do that here.


Have a social media account? Most businesses do these days. Integrate your posts directly to the site for a stream of social media content.


Something that sets me apart from other WordPress developers is I prefer a bit of animation (2D movement) on my site, through icons and landing pages.


I believe in growth, both with one's website and on an individual basis. Your website should be ready with industry-standard plugins for growth.

Google Analytics

Wondering about how to track your data and customer metrics? Installed, free, with every site. All sites include a brief analytics lesson.

Google Analytics

Wondering about how to track your data and customer metrics? Installed, free, with every site. Your first lesson on how to understand these metrics is on me.

Jon's Process For Website Development

Here’s my four step approach to building a site. Questions are welcome at any stage of the development process. In fact… they’re encouraged.

Learn & Listen

You have requirements and requests for your site. Let’s explore and learn about the best approach.

Foundation Building

Like any building, we want to ensure a strong foundation. Here we’ll set up the accounts needed and start.

Develop Aesthetics

Colors pallets, icons and customized contact forms are just a few of the bells and whistles added here.

Launch Website

Now that you’re content is ready and you’ve given me the go-ahead on the final design, it’s launch time!

Ready To Launch?

Get in touch using the form below with any projects and ideas.

Ready For Ideas

I'd be glad to hear about your projects and ideas, wherever you are in the planning process.

Spread Your Message

Whether your site needs a blog or dedicated pages to help spread your knowledge, you've come to the right place.

Choose Your Package

Custom sites start in the hundreds, not thousands. Hop into a consultation call and I'll be glad to save your budget.

WordPress FAQs

Can You Provide a Fixed Quote?

Yes! However, this will depend on a variety of factors, including; – Do you already have a design ready? How many pages will your website contain? How fast do you need it? Other questions will surely come but I would recommend that we get you a free consult call to make sure I can fit your needs.

Where Are You Based Out of?

While I am currently based out of Northern Colorado, I do all of my work from the comfort of my home office. All I need is a Wifi connection and my computer (probably a coffee as well) and I am good to go. 

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. WordPress takes care of all the tricky code and development languages so that you can focus on what really matters. WordPress is compatible with hundreds of (free) third party plugins and templated “themes.” (more on what these items are in a separate answer)

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress Plugin is an “add-on” piece of software that streamlines complex functions. They integrate seamlessly (most of the time) with the core WordPress software. For example, there are contact form plugins (“WP Forms” is one) which allow you to accept a user’s contact information, email and messages. Otherwise, you would need to know database and PHP and spend hours and hours learning to program them all together.

Is WordPress Free?

Yes, because WordPress is an open source software which anyone can use. However, while WordPress is free to use (, if you would like a custom domain (URL) for your site you will need to purchase this and “hosting” from a hosting company. Examples (and my recommendation) are Siteground and Bluehost.

Which Hosting Provider Should I choose?

Two of my hosting recommendations are ‘Bluehost’ and ‘Siteground.’ This site uses Siteground. I prefer them due to their 24/7 chat support that they offer. I would not recommend something like GoDaddy. While Godaddy does indeed offer WordPress installs for your website, there is an upcharge for the software. This makes it overall a more expensive option, while using their drag and drop editor (which is also a nightmare). GoDaddy’s tech support is also only M-F as of this point in time.

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Questions, comments or feedback on anything you’ve seen here. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.