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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog

The first consideration to starting any blog is determining whether the paid for features are worth it to you. If you want to keep costs down, then you may be more comfortable with a free platform like WordPress.com.

However, this may limit the features and design options available to you. If you feel comfortable with a bit of a learning curve, then a self-hosted WordPress site may be more ideal for you. There are pros and cons to each option that you'll need to consider before making your decision. Let's dive in to each a bit further.
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No cost: free blogging platforms

If you want to go the free route, there are several platforms you can use including WordPress.com, Blogger, and Tumblr. Each of these three platforms essentially does the same thing – they provide you with a space to write your content and publish it for the world to see. They all come with free plans but require that your domain name be a subdomain of their platform (i.e. yourblogname.wordpress.com). This can be limiting if you ever want to move your content elsewhere or if you want people to easily remember your blog’s name.

There are some upsides to using a free platform, however. The most obvious one is that it doesn’t cost anything to get started. This can be a great option if you’re just dipping your toes in the blogging world and aren’t sure if it’s something you want to commit to long-term. Additionally, free platforms tend to have pretty good user support since they want to keep users happy and using their service. So if you ever run into any technical issues, you should be able to get help pretty easily.

premium blogging platforms

If you’re looking for more control over your blog, including the name of your blog (or in this case really a mini website), then you’ll want to go with a self-hosted site. This means that you are paying for the storage of your website files to make them accessible to anyone who wants to view your site. It’s important to note that you will need to purchase a domain name separately – this is the address people will type into their browser to find your site (i.e. www.yourblogname.com).

There are several hosts you can choose from and a certain consideration is how much of design control you want over the blog. Something like Squarespace is a great all in one solution, it contains hosting and design templates to choose from to give your blog a unique look and feel. It’s a bit more expensive than some other hosting providers, but it can be worth it if you want an easy to use platform that takes care of everything for you.

It will definitely take a bit of thought upfront as to which page builders you want to use. Squarespace has its own all-in-one solution, whereas something like a WordPress page builder requires that you purchase hosting from somewhere that hosts WordPress in their software. I do not recommend something like GoDaddy as they charge extra to install WordPress, utilize email and more.

If you’re interested, my specific website uses hosting from Siteground, WordPress and the Elementor page builder. Maybe these are all foreign terms for you at this point in time but I definitely recommend looking into each as a creative solution.

cost of designing a blog

Designing your blog can be as simple as purchasing a premium WordPress theme to get started. These can be found all over the internet and cost anywhere between $30 – $200 and up. If you want something a bit more custom, you may need to hire a web designer to create a unique design for you. This will obviously cost more but it can be worth it if you have specific ideas in mind for your blog’s look and feel.

Additionally, if you want to add any custom functionality to your blog (like an online store or membership site), you may need to hire a developer to help you out. This can also get pricey but again, it may be worth it depending on your needs.

cost of advertising your blog

This step is of course very optional but if you want to grow your blog quickly, you may need to invest some money in advertising. There are a ton of different ways to advertise your blog (Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc.) and the cost will vary depending on what platform you’re using.

Additionally, if you’re attending any blogging conferences or events, there may be some costs associated with that as well. However, these can also be a great way to network with other bloggers and grow your blog’s audience.

cost of blog content creation

The final cost to consider is the cost of actually creating your blog content. If you’re doing all the writing yourself, then this won’t cost you anything other than your time. However, if you’re paying someone else to write for you or hiring a photographer to take pictures for your blog, then there will be some additional costs associated with that.

final thoughts on blogging costs

Overall, the cost of starting a blog can vary quite a bit depending on your needs. However, if you’re willing to invest some time and money into it, a blog can be a great way to grow your business or personal brand.


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