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How To Install Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro installation is easy and takes just a few minutes. Read the steps below to activate Elementor Pro on your site.
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Steps To Install Elementor Pro

To make things easiest, it will be useful to have two browser windows open.

The first browser tab will be logged into your WordPress dashboard (backend of the site) and the 2nd browser tab will be Elementor’s website.

These instructions assume that you have purchased the pro version of Elementor. 

If you are unfamiliar with logging into your website (via WordPress) feel free to get in touch using one of the contact buttons around this site and I’d be glad to help. 

1. Navigate To Elementor.com

Once you’re at the main Elementor website, make sure you’re on the homepage. You’ll see a login prompt in the top right of the page. Click on this login text.

navigate to elementor.com

2.Download Your Elementor Pro Plugin

After clicking login on the Elementor homepage, you’ll find a small welcome message and down arrow in the top right of this new screen. Click on the downward pointing arrow. You will see a new small dropdown appear, click on the Elementor Pro Expert within the new dropdown that appears. 

This will automatically download a zip file with the necessary files located within. Do not unzip this file, simply take note of the location on your computer as you will need this shortly.

download elementor pro plugin

3. Add New Plugin To WordPress

If you already have your WordPress dashboard open in a browser tab, navigate here and take reference of the screenshot below. The screenshot here is an image of what my WordPress dashboard looks like so yours might not have the exact same labels, fear not. 

What yours will have is a plugins label, hover over or click on this plugin label and then navigate to ‘add new.’ (in the dropdown that appears)

add new elementor pro plugin

4. Upload New Elementor Pro Plugin (Zip File)

Remember that zip file that you downloaded in step 2? In the near window that appears (after clicking ‘add new’) click on upload plugin in the top of this new screen.

The new option that appears will prompt you to upload a plugin in .zip format. Either click to choose the file from your computer or drag and drop (whichever is easiest for you). 

5. Activate Your Elementor License

You’ll see a new label along the left side of your WordPress dashboard, Elementor

Hover over or click this Elementor label and navigate down to ‘license.’

6. Sync With Elementor Software

In the new screen that appears (within your WordPress dashboard), you will be prompted to ‘connect and activate’ your license. Shown here in the screenshot below, the blue button. Click on this connect and activate button.

7. Activate Elementor Pro License

After clicking connect & activate from the previous step, a new browser tab will open automatically (assuming you still have Elementor’s website open in an internet tab). 

You will be asked to verify that the email address (that you purchased Elementor Pro with) and your website are accurate. Assuming that they are, click on the ‘activate’ button (shown in the screenshot below). I’ve blocked out my email in orange but you will see yours there instead.

You have successfully installed and activated Elementor Pro.

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