How To Start a Blog: The Essential Tools

Browse below for the necessary tools and resources to consider when starting a blog. Need help getting set up? Get in touch below and I’d be glad to offer any guidance or suggestions.

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(a brief intro video for considerations & design when starting a blog)

Starting a Blog 101

Need Help Starting?

Send in your questions and I’d be glad to help! Get some advice on what configurations would be best based on your goals. 

Blog Name

Choosing your blog name is where many people get caught up. The name of your blog can always be changed later.

Blog Speed

Not all blogging platforms were created equal, loading time is an important consideration when choosing your options.

Content Direction

Already know what you're going to publish on your blog? If not, you might benefit from a content-strategy template.

Blogging Platform

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, this site was built entirely using WordPress as well.


There are plenty of free themes and designs out there but make sure to choose one that aligns with your goals.

Social Media

Have Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts to connect to your blog? Sync all your accounts to your new site.

Adding Media

Make sure the blog theme and hosting platform allow for pictures and (if you want) videos to be allowed as well.

Blog Icon

Your blog icon is what shows on the browsing tab of your internet browser of choice. This site's icon, for example, is a light bulb.

External Plugins

Most blogging software these days integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics and other free data software.

Support & Tutorials

Whether you need help with setting up and designing your Blog, tutorials or expedited learning, I would be glad to chat further. 

Feel free to submit a question to learn more about blogging or browse around the rest of the site to learn more. 

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