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Custom HTML
Email Signatures

Combining the best of email animations, clickable links, buttons and more into one easy format that won’t skew. Installation assistance comes with every order. Works great with all major email providers (Gmail, Outlook, Apple, etc.). 

What's Special About An HTML Email Signature?

For starters, an HTML email signature will embed easily in your email software of choice (certainly worth double checking of course) but once the design and code have been created, installation is a simple copy/paste. 

Shown here is an example HTML signature that was created to contain social media icons (easily interchangeable), a profile picture or logo placeholder and your title in the company.

HTML Email Signature Example

Element 1: Logo or Profile Picture

In the example above, the profile picture (with the computer and shapes) can be swapped out for your profile picture or logo. If you want to get super fancy about things, your logo can be animated in GIF format and coded into the HTML. There are a few caveats such as file size limitations (depending on the complexity of the animation) but overall the benefits are a uniquely-structured signature. 

html email signature profile picture

Element 2: Social Media Icons

Social media icons can be embedded underneath, on top of, or to the side of your profile picture and contact information. The benefit of clickable social media icons is that they can take the visitor directly to your social media or LinkedIn profile. They open automatically in the browser tab (will vary depending on what the user has as a default) but can be helpful for fast navigation.

Element 3: Access Info Fast

With quick links embedded to the bottom of your signature you can easily direct users to external calendars, website landing pages and more. This can be especially beneficial if you provide more than one service or want to let your visitor choose their own adventure. 

Get a Free HTML Mockup: Start Below

Fill out the form below and upload your email signature information in a word document and I’ll get started on a mockup. Please be sure to list any features or elements you’d like  or links to include. 

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