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iOS Phone Swipe Animation GIF

Phone Swipe Animation Arrows

This GIF was originally created as a JSON animation. JSON format is typically used in app and website development. With exported JSON data you can begin to build interactivity and user interactions into your platform of choice. 

This animation can be customized with your own brand colors and utilized in video overlays or GIF format. From a UX-standpoint, size and speed of animation are two considerations to leverage when creating a unique animation for mobile users. The larger, green, arrow not only bounces up at a faster rate but also has an “echo” effect to help preference one arrow over the other (the desired user’s action).

This animation goes through a full cycle (roughly) every 2.5 seconds. 

Creation Process:
This animated GIF was created created entirely inside Adobe After Effects. Elements include; position-based animations and fade effects. 

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