Line Drawn Animation

Learn below about continuous line drawn animations. These can be great for infographics, powerpoint presentations and icon imagery. Browse examples or get in touch for any and all creations.

What Are Line Drawn Animations?

Line drawn animations are perfect for telling a story, similar to a timeline animation. A continuous line, typically contrasting to the background color (i.e. a white line on a dark background or a dark line on a white background) is ideal for most situations. 

As the line is drawn, events on the line’s path are animated (line icons or photographs) and popup to visualize the 

How To Use a Line Animation

Powerpoint Line Animation

Line animations can be embedded in either video for GIF format to any PPT presentation. Include audio or voiceovers as well.

SVG Line Animations

The creation process starts with the SVG line layouts. From here after effects animates to any popular format.

Animated Line Icons

Line icon outlines are the perfect way to tell a story in your animation's path. These typically include flat 2d icons.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

Line Drawing Animation

Here’s an example of a line animation, as the intro to a larger project that was created. Notice there are a few elements that help create a story. A singular line starts off the entire storyline and then icons are drawn in a various time, synced up with the project’s voice over.

A singular color for the line and icons help create continuity for the viewer to follow along. Particularly with line icon animations, it’s important to not overwhelm your viewer with too many colors, popups or moving elements. Minimal and clean design goes a long way, especially when combined with background music and other components.

Questions or Ideas?

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about what’s possible with line animations or you want to chat about a future project. 

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