Line Graph Creation

Custom Line Graph Creations

Animate your line graphs without the hassle. Start by uploading your graph below. Video and GIF formats  ready for the web, social media, presentations and more!

Browse some recent examples at the bottom of this page.

Step 1. Upload Your Graph

Start by uploading an image of your graph. This could be as simple as a screenshot or hand drawing

Step 2. Customize Settings

Choose your colors, include any logos or other files needed and when you need it delivered

Step 3. Graph Delivered

Receive your graph back in your chosen format, ready for the web and presentations

What Did I Stumble Upon Here

Welcome! You’ve stumbled upon a U.S. based animator, named Jon, who loves creating animated infographics, data and charts.

I’ve put together this service as I have many clients that need to represent their marketing reports, stats and sales in an animated format. Feel free to ask any questions or schedule a brief call to learn more. 

What Formats Can I Upload My Graph In

This part is super flexible, whether you have a screenshot or a vector file of the graph or even just a hand-drawn image on a piece of paper (with the appropriate labels, etc.), any of these will do to start.

What Is The Cost

Animated line graphs start at $25 and increase in pricing depending on the complexities of the graph. Variables include; number of lines, total duration of animation, including logo animations and more. 

I recommend getting in touch or submitting your graph for an accurate cost.

How Does It Work

Animating your line graph and charts couldn’t be easier. Start by either uploading your graph or opting to schedule a phone call to help expedite the process.

Choose between video or GIF format and receive your graph back, ready for the web and social media. 

Racing Lines

Great for comparing two data sets or a timeline series

Easy Installation

Video and GIF formats are easy to install

Event Lines

Add popups or custom labels to showcase specific dates

Presentation Ready

Animated line graphs can easily be added to presentations

Start Here...

Upload your graph using the form here or click the button below to schedule a call to discuss your needs. Not sure the specifics? Questions welcome!

Some Recent Examples: