Logo Animations

Animate your logo in 2D motion graphics. Logo animations can be used in a variety of formats (video and GIF are among the two popular). These can be used in presentations, social media, email signatures and more.

Cost of a Logo Animation

Depending where you search for a logo animation the price can range from $1000 (on the more complex side of things) to $100 (for simpler animations).

Learn more about logo animations below or get in touch for a free mockup of your logo, all questions welcome. Custom animations like this one that I created for Remax can be formatted as a GIF animation for email as well. Each individual part of the lettering and logo is broken apart and animated separately. 

Animate My Logo

Logo animations can be a unique creative asset for your company. All you need is your logo file to start.

Logo Animation Formats

Logo animations can be used in many locations such as webites, presentations, videos and even email.

Email Signatures

Animated logo GIFs can be ideal for embedding in your email footer. This can also be combined with links.

Logo Animation FAQs

Do I Need My Logo In Vector Format?

If you don’t have the original vector files (prepared in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or another software that allows for individual element layers) this limits the type of animations that your logo can be used for. 

One way around this would be to completely recreate the logo in vector format in order to be animated easily. 

Animated Logo Taglines & URLs

If you have company taglines, such as website URLs or supplemental text, these can also be animated in final video or GIF format. Typically text-taglines animate in next to or below the logo animation. However, visual-focus should be given priority to the main logo. 

Sound FX and Music

Music and sound FX can also be included into your logo animations. These however should be used sparingly as to not overwhelm the viewer. Sound FX might be ideal for a logo intro animation used for YouTube or other video channel branding. 

Animate Your Logo

Wondering where to get a logo animation intro? Get a mockup below by filling out the brief form and I’ll do my best to match your brand colors, shapes and sizes based on what information and specs you include (the more information the better).

What Format Do I Need?

Depending where you need to use the logo animation popular formats are video or GIF. Logo animations in video format are typically requested in MP4 format. If you’re unsure what this means, this is a popular format and plays on most computers and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). If you’re looking for a GIF logo animation I might suggest going with a solid color background color to avoid larger file sizes. If you’re unsure about the format you need, feel free to get in touch and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Why Animate Your Logo?

Your logo is a unique business asset. Why not turn it into an animated intro that you can simply add to any of your online content or customer giveaways. Animations help to catch the eye while browsing, and in the world of click-through-rates and analytics how can you skip out?

Start From Scratch or Choose a Design

If you’re not looking to start completing from scratch, I might recommend browsing some of these logo animation designs below. Colors can be interchanged with yours of course. Browse on below to get started with a mockup or request more information about a custom order. 

Design Sample

Design Sample

Design Sample

Design Sample

Get Your Logo Animated: Start Below

Get a free mockup animation of your logo. Specify your requirements below and upload your logo in vector format (preferably). The prices above are just to give you a sense of what an average order might cost but custom quotes are available. It would also be helpful if you include where you will use the logo animation so that I can better advise proper format and dimensions.

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