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Let's admit it, Lordicon is great. A large library of animated icons at your disposal, Lordicon has a wide range of designs, features and line icons bundled up into a monthly subscription. I want it very clear that I am not taking a jab at Lordicon but merely mentioning another realm of animated icon creativity.

Sometimes an Animator Is Needed

Instead of mere transactional digital products, one might have the desire (perhaps need) to work together with an animator. Doing so, you might get just the right animation crafter to your specific space on the web. Think of digital animations ala carte.

One of the benefits of working with an animator is getting the specific design you desire for your project or presentation. Animators have a keen eye for detail and will work with you to get the icons just perfect for what you need.

Advanced Animation Customization

Most likely, you’ll want an icon that is flexible. No no, I don’t mean a bendy animation but perhaps you need the icon in different sizes or color schemes, an animator can quickly whip up the variations you need.

Another feature that an individual animator can bring to the table is collaboration. Building a relationship with your animator  can lead to better brainstorming sessions and finding new facets to one’s business.

Below are a few thoughts, as an animator and entrepreneur, on Lordicon:

Lordicon Monthly Subscription

Currently at Lordicon you end up paying a monthly subscription of $16/month or annually for $96/year. These prices are as of 2023 and may have since changed. There currently “…is no way to buy just one animated icon.” according to Lordicon’s FAQ section. Sometimes, I would say there are instances when having an animator to bounce ideas off of come in handy.

Lordicon Current License Policy

The main area that may not work for businesses that do not want to lose SEO authority by backlinking from an internal-link strategy would be the section in Lordicon’s free license breakdown, stating users “…are not permitted to: use icons without providing a link to the Lordicon website.” If your company is looking to build topical authority and content pillars on your website, you might second guess extra outlinks.

Lordicon Return Policy

From a practical matter Lordicon does have a good refund policy for their pro version. “A regular return policy does not apply to Lordicon PRO, since it is a digital product, and you cannot easily return software and other assets once you download them.” There’s certainly no viable way to offer the same refunds on digital products as there would be for physical products.

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