Marketing Icon Animations

About This Marketing GIF:

A Seamlessly-looping megaphone marketing icon on a white background in GIF format. Browse other marketing animations below or shop a full range of animated icons here.

All colors can be changed and exported as a GIF, JSON/Lottie (web) or video format. All animations can also be exported as a PNG sequence as well (exported in ZIP format).

GIF Creation Process - More Below:

This animated GIF was laid out first in Adobe Illustrator and exported into Adobe After Effects for animating. This speaker animation uses nothing more than SVGs (scaleable vector graphics). 

Buy animated icons and embed into any presentation, website and more. Final formats can be exported to GIF, JSON/Lottie and Video animations.

Digital Marketing Icon Animation

While there are many different types of ‘marketing’ icons, some of the more popular these days (in the age of online-business) are digital marketing conceptual icons. 

Examples include looping animations that can be incorporated to any website or used within multimedia presentations


Marketing Icon Examples

Whether you’re a software company, brick and mortar or e-commerce, digital icons can be customized to your colors, dimensions and format preferences. 

Custom Formats

The marketing animations shown on this page are in JSON/Lottie format (a popular format for the web due to the speed and background transparency).

Social Media Marketing Icons

If you’re like most businesses these days, social media will be a large portion of your online visibility. Social media marketing is now popular on many platforms, two of these giants include Facebook, Instragram and Twitter. 

One of the great things about all three of these giants is the fact that your animated content is automatically played upon viewing. Instagram goes a step further and will automatically loop the video animations. This is particularly helpful when incorporating animated messages and fun icons into your strategy.

Social Media Icon Animations

Sales Icon GIFs

Another popular type of animation for marketing icons and infographics are within the sales industry. Animated graphs and marketing reports are becoming the latest way to showcase progress over time. 

Perhaps it’s a sales report trend, or you want to showcase your marketing data (Google Analytics), animated icons and dashboard animations can be exported in video and GIF format. 

Email Marketing Icons

Email marketing icons can be embedded easily into your email software of choice. The most popular way to embed an animated icon to email is via GIF format. These animated icons will typically be placed in the signature of your email. Feel free to get in touch using the form below if you have questions on how to do this.


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Formats can be customized for video, GIF, JSON and more. Colors, dimensions and more can be customized to your brand guidelines. 

Get in touch with any questions and I’d be glad to chat further. 

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