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Online WordPress Tutor

Learn WordPress Fast from a U.S. based expert! This entire site was built using WordPress. Whether you want to use WordPress for your personal or business purposes, you’ve come to the right place. 

Who is it for?

These online WordPress tutoring sessions are geared towards beginners and for those who have no previous experience with WordPress. Let's get you up and running on your own. Learn to build your own site, insert forms, create landing pages and more. Training sessions from Jon are 100% virtual & online, scheduled at your convenience.

Your Online WordPress Tutor

Meet Your Instructor

I’m a creative freelancer based out of the U.S. (near the Rocky Mountains). I have worked for companies & agencies of all different sizes, from big name brands such as Microsoft to smaller niche companies serving their local communities. 

I’ve been building WordPress sites for about 6 years now, the first site I ever built was terrible but I’ve continued to improve and learn new software and strategies to help create WordPress sites.  

Custom Built Sites

If you didn’t know it by now, you’re on my site…welcome! I’m a big fan of building sites that incorporate video, small animations, and as things progress, data analytics. 

This site was built using WordPress (of course) and hosted via Bluehost. The theme used is the “Hello” theme by Elementor. I always recommend starting with you end goals and reverse-engineering to make the most of your time and learning experience. Throughout the lessons we will either build your site or use mine as a demo to reference.

Jon Gomes

Jon Gomes

Creative-Wordpress Builder

“My favorite kind of sites to build are creative ones that implement small icons and animations”

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What's Your Goal?

Whether you want to start a blog, build your own portfolio site, or create an informational-business site, I’d be glad to help you step-by-step. My goal is to get you setup with the basics of WordPress and speed up the learning curve.

Online Learning - Fast & Easy

Jon uses a combination of video, images and screensharing software. Don’t worry, no faces will be visible in the duration of your lessons so you can stay in your sweatpants and sip coffee as you learn from the comfort of your home, office, or cafe. 

Lessons typically use the free software “Zoom” to help make learning go faster. Feel free to check them out here: Zoom.us

What Will I Learn From Jon's Tutoring?
Start Here...

We’ll start with these 8 core components and move on from there. During the free intro session (no contracts required), we will go over your goals in order to further expedite your learning. 

Choose Hosting

If you want to choose your own URL, website name, you'll need web hosting.

Choose Your Theme

Wordpress themes come in a variety of versions, these affect the site's design.

Customize Your Theme

Have a site that inspires you or you like the style of? Let's start by recreating it.

Contact Forms

Visitors want to get in to contact with you! Let's build out a contact form for emails.

Easy Page Builder

We'll start by using one of the most powerful page builders to create.

Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress plugins can save you tons of time without knowing how to code.

Create Your Blog

Blogs are great sources of information for your site and to keep visitors updated.

Website Menus

Here we'll focus on the navigation and structure of your site so exploring is easy.

Advanced Training

Below are four advanced modules that can be tackled once the basics have been covered. These advanced options are all geared to help optimize your site and make it stand out within your industry.

Google Analytics

Using one of the most powerful and fast page builders, Elementor, we will begin to explore just how easy building with WordPress is.

Social Media Feeds

Integrate WordPress plugins for custom forms, social media feeds embedded on your site and more. Tailored to your goals.

Wordpress Animations

Start incorporating Google Software onto your site to learn more about your visitors and popular pages.

Inserting Videos

Start incorporating Google Software onto your site to learn more about your visitors and popular pages.

Some FAQs For Beginning WordPress Users:

How Long Does It Take To Learn WordPress?

Like learning any new skill, there’s a bit of a learning curve. BUT don’t let this discourage you as the basics are easy to grasp and no coding is required. 

The time required to learn WordPress stems from the what and specifics that you’d like to create. You could spend days, weeks, even years going through every free WordPress pdf or course on the internet but this might drive you crazy with the amount of time spent piecing information together. 

Do I Need To Know Coding?

No! You do not need to know how to use any custom coding in order to use WordPress. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can, if you feel inclined to, add custom CSS or animations to the site but there is absolutely no need to start off in the deep end. 

How Hard Is It To Learn WordPress?

If you’re digging around the internet for individual answers, it could take you months to find the “perfect” theme (which doesn’t exist by the way) or the perfect banner image. 

OR..you could spend an hour with a friendly online tutor that helps to pair the visual components of WordPress with the information needed to create your project.

Is WordPress Free?

Absolutely! WordPress is one of the largest CMS (Content Management Systems) that is available and free online. The small price tag for WordPress sites come when you start using Premium Themes (which are a scam) or custom domain names/URLs for your site. 

These are relatively cheap however, hosting plans starting from roughly $3/month – less than a cup of coffee. 

What Hosting Company Do You Recommend?

The hosting provider that I use and recommend is called Bluehost. They typically have some sort of new user bundled deal which I recommend checking out, regardless of how you learn to use WordPress.

One of the reasons that I recommend Bluehost is the fact that they include WordPress installations for any domain hosted with them, unlike GoDaddy or another hosting provider which will try and charge you for every “extra.”

Pricing: Your First Session Is Free
(pay as you go)

The first session is on me, it’s actually required before signing up for any of the other bundled deals. This is to ensure that everyone’s goals match up and to learn more about your building-style. 

What Is The Cost For an Online WordPress Tutor?

The first intro session is 100% free but required before signing up for any plan below.

Why is it required? I want to make sure that we’re a great fit for each other and answer any questions you might have about my teaching style or what to expect. 

In this intro session, I’ll get a sense of how to best tailor any future lessons for you and we can even begin answer some of your initial WordPress questions. 

*YES, you can schedule this new student intro session even if you don’t know whether you will continue or not. 

Is There a Contract Required?

No, there are no contracts, expectations or hidden charges on my end. Think of me as a guy who likes to chat about creative website builds and you can bounce any questions or WordPress topics off my brain. I’m here to point you in the right direction and take you from beginner (or no knowledge at all) to an advanced user who can build and edit pages all on your own.

New Student

First Session FREE
$ 0 30 Min Session
  • Custom Lesson
  • Demo Included
  • On Your Schedule

Single Sesson

1/2 Hour Session
$ 40 30 Min Session
  • 1x Half Hour Session
  • Custom Lesson
  • On Your Schedule

3x Sessions

1.5 Hours Total Time
$ 110 3x Sessions
  • 3x - Half Hour Sessions
  • Custom Lessons
  • On Your Schedule
  • 5% Bundled Discount

5x Sessions

2.5 Hours Total Time
$ 180 5x Sessions
  • 5x - Half Hour Session
  • Custom Lesson
  • On Your Schedule
  • 10% Bundled Discount

How Do I Start?

Fill out the brief form below to start your scheduling process and I will get back to you promptly to schedule your first free intro session (no pressure at all). From here if you 

Learn From a U.S. WordPress Tutor - Online

Fill out the brief form below and feel free to mention what date you’d like your free intro session to start on. I’ll email you back ASAP to get the ball rolling on things. 

Schedule Lessons

Lessons run on your preferred time and can be scheduled in as we go (no need to commit to any specific schedule in order to begin)

U.S. Based

Jon is based out of Colorado, in the U.S. but serves a variety of clients globally.