Personal Resume Websites

Considering creating a personal resume website? Read on below for some FAQs, costs and examples to get your brain rolling.

Resume websites are a great supplement to your job interviews and can help stand out in a crowded marketplace. Embed PDFs, past projects and personal skills to your online resume and you’ll be impressing hiring managers left and right.  

What's The Benefit of a Personal Resume Website?

Imagine this…you’re on your first job screening and the conversation goes great! You’re wrapping up but want to have a bit more information to leave the interviewing manager with, you want to stick in their mind and remember you because they will certainly be having a few more interviews lined up. 

Your personal website can keep the conversation going, showcase your skills and leave the hiring managers with something to reference back (beyond a boring printout). 

Am I Allowed To Build a Resume Website?

Here’s a question, why would you be allowed to?? There are absolutely zero rules for an interviewee and the hiring process, only etiquette. 

Sure, you could go into the job interview in your pajamas and slippers…the interview probably won’t last long but it’s not illegal by any means. Of course you probably shouldn’t do this for them to take you seriously but nobody’s dictating the rules, only what’s considered the norm. And if you want to get hired, why stick to the norm?

What Should I Put Inside My Website?

Great question. To start, you should definitely list your skills in a fashionable manner. Your job resume website should reflect what values and personality you have. 

Remember, this is a place for companies to come back and reference what you have done and what your working process is. They want to learn more about YOU.

A headshot profile image might be a good idea as well, especially if you want to let them put a face to you when you walk in. Contact forms and a few images that describe your past projects/work history could also be a good idea. 

How Much Does a Personal Resume Website Cost?

Costs, these are going to depend on how many bells and whistles you need. The range between DIY to having an agency build it for you can be between $200 – $2,000. You can obviously save money by doing it yourself but this might not be the fastest route if you’re not technically-savvy. There are templates out there that help but you’ll still need to know how to install and update them with your content. 

(psst..I can help build you a custom one for a few hundred, vs. thousands)

How Can I Build My Own Resume Website?

If you’re looking to create your own website, you’ll have two major decisions to start. One, where to host your website (my personal favorite, and one that I use myself, is Siteground hosting). This costs me about $10/month and comes with backups for your site (an almost must these days if you plan to add new content change images in the future and want peace of mind). 

Once you have a hosting plan you’ll need to decide what software or content management system to use in order to actually build and design the site. My #1 recommendation if you’re doing it yourself is WordPress, keep in mind I’m biased because I have a far bit of knowledge with how it can connect with marketing and email software in the future. Other options are Squarespace, Weebly, etc. Can’t say I’m a fan of these as they limit the amount of organic growth you’ll have in the future.

Once you’ve got the CMS (content management system) decided,  find an easy to use website builder plugin, my favorite (which this site was built with) is Elementor. This makes building a website take hours not years.

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Questions or Comments Welcome

Have questions about how to go about getting a personal resume website set up or ideas? Need help building one? Start up a conversation by filling out the form here. I’ll try my best to answer your question or point you in the right direction.