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Powerpoint Animations:
Ready To Embed

Powerpoint animations come in all shapes and sizes. Animations range from charts/graphs that can be inserted into a slide or template to full video presentations. Minimize the hassle of learning new software or "templates" and get in touch with any questions.

Motion Graphics Add Spice To Powerpoint Animations

Animated Charts

2D icons and graphs help spice up a static presentation


Videos, GIFs and infographics all integrate with PPT

Video Presentation

Video presentations allow for unique transition animations

Convert Your Presentation

Already have a presentation? Let's start animating

Looping GIF Charts

Perhaps you’re looking to showcase the dynamic change between the “before” and “after” stage. Charts and bar graphs can be a helpful tool to help showcase your talking points. 

The animated bar chart here is actually an animation made for the web, in SVG format, but that’s diving off the deep end too fast perhaps..

Animated Icons

You’re Powerpoint or Google Slide presentation probably has icons, as most do. BUT why not embed icons with minimal animation to help keep the viewers engaged?

Animated icons can be bounce, move, zip around or simply rotate around every few seconds (just to name a few examples).

The Problem With Templates

There’s two major problems with using software, either from Powerpoint or another outside template. 

Powerpoint will leave you with only the given transitions, fade, zoom, etc. Everyone and their dog use these. 

External templates can however, be a great option to help supplement the creativity. Options such as Videohive and other motion graphic templates can be great but they also have their drawback. What they don’t say on the label is that you will have to know how to edit the templates and will need the software (after effects, premiere pro, etc.). 

Already have a PPT slide for reference?

Get in touch below and we can begin animating the icons, headlines and more. Even if you don’t yet have a Powerpoint presentation ready for animating, feel free to get in touch below and we can start brainstorming some new infographics and more. 

– Jon

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