Powerpoint Flowchart GIF

Shown here is a flowchart animation in GIF format. This process animation loops continuously with a duration of about 9 seconds (time from start to finish).

These types of animations are ideal for presentations (PPT, Prezi, etc.) because they can easily be embedded where needed. Scroll down to see how to add in this type of animation to your next powerpoint pitch.

Animated Flowchart GIF

Animate Your Charts

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How To Add Flowchart To PPT:

The video below highlights the key steps to upload a infographic flowchart to your PPT presentation. While this is not a tutorial on how to make a dynamic animation, this video below assumes you already have one ready to go in either GIF or Video format. In a nutshell the main steps are as follows:

Flowchart Templates and Examples

The animation at the top of this page is simply an example of a flowchart within the PowerPoint software. One of the main considerations when deciding what type of infographic chart to use is whether it will be animated or not. Typically video presentations (or GIFs embedded) will showcase a step-by-step process to depict that various stages of the data. 

Video is quite popular for longer presentations as GIFs have about a 10-15 second duration before their file size becomes too large to load properly. Learn more about video and multimedia presentations here. 

Elements of Loading GIFs

Once embedded into your presentation the flowchart will look similar to the looping GIF at the top of this page. When creating GIFs, it’s important to take into consideration the dimensions and layout of where you will end up using the animation the most (square vs. rectangular, colors matching, etc.). 

In search of a custom GIF or video chart? Get in touch using the form below or learn more about custom GIFs by clicking the blue text link.

Flow Chart Shapes

Flowchart animations can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are looking to animate directly inside PPT, PNG images will most likely be the format needed. Static PNG files typically have a transparent background but are not ideal for animation using outside software. 

A consideration here would be to utilize GIFs and embed them within your presentation (feel free to reach out should you need assistance with this). The GIF below showcases two different types of shapes (triangles and circles) with a few different options to consider when embedding into a powerpoint presentation. 

Flow chart shapes

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