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Are you looking for ways to make your presentations more visually appealing? Presentation icons are a great way to add visual interest and clarity to your slides while also helping to emphasize key points or concepts.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what presentation icons are, the different types of presentation icons available, design tips for creating effective presentation icons as well as examples of good and bad uses of these designs. Finally, we’ll provide some resources on where you can find free or affordable high-quality presentation icon sets. Let's jump in!
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the best icons for presentations

The best icons for presentations are those that are simple, easy to understand and visually appealing. It is important to ensure your presentation icons match the overall design of your slides, while also providing a clear visual representation of the concept you’re trying to communicate.

Make sure they are not too small or difficult to decipher and avoid text-heavy designs as they can be distracting and hard to read.

ideal formats

When it comes to the best formats for presentation icons, there are a few options to choose from. PNG and SVG files make great choices as they are scalable, meaning you can resize them without compromising quality. Vector EPS files are usually the starting format for most icons and allow you to easily edit them to fit your design needs.

types of presentation icons

There are several types of presentation icons available, from flat vector designs to 3D illustrations. Some common types include pictograms, SVG illustrations, icon fonts and detailed line art graphics. Each type has its own unique advantages and can be used to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation.

design tips

When designing presentation icons, it is important to keep a few key things in mind. Make sure they are simple enough to be understood at a glance, consistent with the overall look and feel of your slides, and clearly communicate the concept you are trying to get across. Additionally, try to stick with a limited color palette as too many colors can be overwhelming and distracting.

If you have brand colors, use them! Adding your brand colors to presentation icons can make them more recognizable and memorable.

how to include in your presentation

When including presentation icons in your presentations, it is important to use them strategically. Try not to overload slides with too many icons as this can be distracting and create a cluttered look. Instead, focus on highlighting the most important points with icons and use text sparingly. Additionally, make sure to include the source of your icons so you can give credit where it is due.

free presentation icons

Wondering where to get icons for your presentation? There are plenty of free and affordable resources available. Sites like The Noun Project, Flaticon, FreePik, and Icons8 are great places to find high-quality icons at an affordable price. If you would prefer to use a paid resource, sites like IconFinder, Creative Market, Dreamstale and Shutterstock offer more unique and customized options.

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