Process Chart Animation

Process chart animations can incorporate a variety of elements. The most popular options are animated icons and infographic styles. Browse below for an example and other FAQs.

Motion Chart Animation

The great thing about a process animation is the combination of graphical and text elements. For example, the process timeline chart shown here can represent a timeline of events and can include as many ‘stages’ as you might need. 

Each stage within the chart can labelled and show one at a time or all at once. 

Process Chart Format

Depending on where you plan to play the animation, the best format is probably a video or GIF animation. One of the major considerations when deciding between the two is whether or not you have file size limitations. 

If the GIF is going to be embedded into a PPT presentation or meant to be a quick animation, without too many steps, GIF should work fine and loop by itself. 

Video on the other hand, allows for a bit more ‘creativity’ and effects. GIF format holds all the animation elements and code inside the GIF, almost like a memory USB stick. The more you fill it up with duration and effects the longer time to load it will take.

Questions or Comments Welcome

Not sure what format you need or what you should or shouldn’t include? I’d be glad to help point you in the right direction!

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