Profile Icon Animation

An animated profile icon can represent many things on a website. For example, it can show how many new messages you have, or how many notifications you have. It can also be used as a simple way to grab attention and stand out from the rest of the site's icons.

Animated Profile Icon Considerations

When users see a profile icon, quite often their first instinct is to click on it. This is because the profile icon usually contains important information that the user wants or needs to see. By making the profile icon animated, you are more likely to grab the user’s attention and get them engage, log in or interact in another fashion.

Design considerations when creating a profile icon should be minimal and appeal to everyone. Quite often, a simple person outline (also known as an Avatar) is all that is needed. The important thing to remember when designing a profile icon, is to make it so that the user can see it and easily understand what it represents without having to think too hard about it.

Designing an Animated Profile Icon

Designing a profile icon is first started in Adobe Illustrator for the SVG process and then imported into an animation software, such as Adobe After Effects for motion. Popular formats include, SVG, PNG, GIF, Lottie or HD Video.

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