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Get the inside Scoop on what working with Jon is really like. Jon is an independent contractor based out of the United States, Colorado to be exact. 

I live in the realm of Creative Analytics. I believe that whether the task at hand is purely numbers-driven (data analysis & ROI) or more on the creative side of things, such as motion graphics and 2D animation, by blending the two a new realm of functionality and expression can thrive. 

An example that comes to mind is creating an animated advertisement or product video, by taking into account CTRs, impressions, average session duration and other data from Google Analytics (or another 3rd party source), one can actually reverse engineer the why for building any sort of output. Reintegration of data to constantly improve is the root of any kind of optimization strategy.

The days of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks are a flash of the past. Data-driven decisions are the new normal.


Jon Gomes

"Figure out what you really love to do... then get really good at it.”

Wordpress Development
Motion Graphics
Traffic & Website Optimizations
Creative Solutions

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Animation Projects

"It was a pleasure to work with Jon to develop a marketing video animation for a product launch. He is very talented and creative, and is easy to communicate with. He was able to make himself available when we needed to complete this project quickly, and was patient when waiting for our team to review and provide feedback. Thank you for a job well done, Jon!"
Sarah W.
Koch Industries
"Jon quickly grasped the output of what we were trying to accomplish and created an animation that matched our intent and message we were trying to land. I would recommend Jon and would work with him again!"
Nancy L.
"Jon was amazing! He communicated promptly from beginning to the end. The project had a tight deadline with complex requirements so communication, accuracy, fast delivery were critical. At every step of the way, Jon was willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with the changes. I would definitely hire Jon again for future projects and can recommend him with 5 stars, more if I could. Thanks Jon, excellent execution!"
Eliana C.
Data Visualization

Front-End Web Development

"Jon is a pleasure to work with, committed to client satisfaction, and performs excellent work. I appreciated the one-on-one communication he provides. Very glad to have had him work on my web design!"
Susan M.
"Jon was a great partner in this project. I will definitely use him again. Thank You."
Evan G.
Gilligan Design Group
"Jon is amazing at what he does. He built a website from scratch with very little guidance from me. He is patient and corralled my winding thought process to produce a wonderful website. Jon's communication is stellar. He is prompt in all aspects of his work. I will continue to use his services as long as he is offering them. You can't go wrong working with Jon."
Phyllis G.

PPC & Web Optimization Campaigns

"Jon was fantastic to work with. He's an AdWords expert. I hired him to help with one account and ended up utilizing his knowledge and expertise for multiple accounts."
Nikki L.
"Great guy to deal with - we were coming from a standing start - he got to grips with local markets - optimised site for SEO as well as implementing GAds campaign with a very low cpc - will definitly use again, and have no problem in recommending to others."
Edward. D.
"Jon did an amazing job and went above expectations! I would highly recommend him for any PPC work. I was impressed with his prompt communication and working style. Great hire!"
Christy G.
Investment Group

Top Rated Independent Contractor

Jon is also a part of the leading project management and talent-acquisition platform, Upwork

In fact, Jon is part of their Top Rated program and has been for multiple years. This means that out of all the projects that Jon takes part in, the majority of the reviews are constantly positive and exceed expectations. 

I am also a part of the talent clouds (saved/shortlisted contractors) to some of the largest companies, globally. Head on over to Upwork to browse more reviews or feel free to contact me with any questions using the “get in touch” buttons around this page. All conversations are welcome!

Creative Freelancer Colorado

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