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Real Estate Listing
Promo Video

Browse Below Between Version A and Version B

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Version A

(both videos feature the same images for ease of comparison)

Version B

(all transition colors can be customized and ‘feature’ text is for rooms, etc.)

Color Customization

Choosing your blog name is where many people get caught up. The name of your blog can always be changed later.

Video Speed

Moving headlines and images of the listing keep the flow of the video going. This could be ideal for social media, landing pages, or other promotions.

Content Direction

Already know what you're going to publish on your blog? If not, you might benefit from a content-strategy template.

Short Promo Videos

Promo videos are created to get a message across in a visual/text-based format. Videos are crafted to run a duration of 15-25 seconds total for efficient consumption. 

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