Reddit Loading Screen
Animated GIF

Many companies, whether “formal” in nature or not use custom loading animations on their apps and websites. Take for example this example here, Reddit’s. If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, they describe themselves as “Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.”

GIF Format Misconception

This recreation, in a different color, of Reddit’s loading screen is actually not a GIF unlike some may think. It’s in JSON format for the web, making it leaps and bounds more efficient for the web and app development (more on the benefits in the section below).  If you’re looking to read more about JSON animations, feel free to find more here. 

Benefits of JSON Format

Speed & Transparency. 

These two factors sum up the benefits of JSON vs. a GIF animation. JSON is about 100x smaller than a GIF and supports full background transparency. This means that no matter what color your background of your site is, the animation will overlay on top without the clunky borders. 

Need an Animated Finance Graph or Chart?

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