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Remax Logo Animation

This remax logo animation below was created for a specific Remax of Canada. The remax logo branding, color and more are shown below (adhering to brand guidelines).

Real Estate Logo Animation

This Remax Logo was created into GIF format. It’s duration is 10 seconds and was created with social media and promotional intent in mind. The logo consists of three distinct portions, the title, tagline and floating balloon at the end. 

REMAX Company Animation

In case you aren’t familiar with the Remax company, they specialize in the real estate market (buying and selling properties). Upon creating this logo animation, I thought it might be relevant to create the logo with some kind of ‘building’ style animation. Thus, the pieces of the REMAX title flow in and connect to become the letters in the company’s name. 

Real Estate Animations

The animation above is ideal for social media and external promotion. However, this logo animation can also be used for email signatures and presentations. More on email signature animations here. 


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