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Pie Chart Maker

Pie Chart Creation Service Transform complex data into compelling, easy-to-understand visuals with customizable pie charts. Tailor every aspect to suit your needs and make every presentation unforgettable. (starting at $29) View Packages Pie Charts 101 Capture Attention Faster Perfect for Websites, Presentations, and Reports Online Engagement For those looking to enhance their websites with interactive […]

Lottie Services

Lottie Creation Services Elevate your digital presence by hiring a skilled Lottie animator. Lottie Animations are not only eye-catching but also incredibly efficient, ensuring your website or app performs seamlessly across all devices. Key features include; fast load times, transparent backgrounds and visually-appealing. Start Your Project 600x Smaller Experience the efficiency of Lottie animations with […]

Double Line Graph

One powerful chart that can be used to represent multiple series of data over time is the double line graph. This type of graph provides an easy-to-understand visual representation of two sets of data plotted on the same set of axes.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a double line graph is, how to create one, its advantages over other types of graphs, and examples where it’s beneficial to use this type of chart. We will also provide tips on interpreting data from a double line graph as well as ideas for creative ways to present information with this type of chart.

Double Bar Graph

A double bar graph is a powerful visual tool that can help you quickly understand and compare data. It’s an efficient way to display two sets of information side by side.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what a double bar graph is, some benefits and design tips.

3D Location Icon

3D Location Icon animation

3D Location icon animation. Created initially in Blender, 3D software and imported to Adobe After Effects for animation. Available for purchase and customizations, similar to a looping GIF animation.

Questions welcome, shown here is a lottie, or JSON, animation format for the web with a transparent background.

Animated Cogs

Rotating Gear Lottie Animation

Animated cogs rotating, in Lottie format for the web, iOS or Android development. Colors, dimensions and textures can be customized – get in touch for a quote.

This SVG cog animation was created in Illustrator and then imported to After Effects for animation.

Heart Icon

Heart Icon Animation

Animated heart icon in Lottie format. a GIF-style looping animation designed for the web, ideal for a like button or appreciation of successful operation.

Colors, dimensions and format available for customization. Created in SVG format, in Adobe Illustrator and then animated in After Effects.

Shield Lottie Design

Lottie Shield Animation

Blue lottie shield design, created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Created to represent a secure environment online, including cyber security.

Confetti Lottie

Confetti lottie animation

The confetti animation is like a welcoming party for users when they start using an app or website. It’s a special effect in design that helps say “hello” or “well done” in a fun and colorful way.

This animation helps make a visitor’s journey more lively, helping users to enjoy their digital experience and feel good about the steps completed.

Lottie Checkmark Success

Lottie Checkmark Icon

This Lottie checkmark success animation features a green color gradient background and additional animation that pops out as the checkmark animates in.

Lottie Loading Animations

Lottie circle loading=

Lottie Loading Animations Browse below for examples of Lottie loading animations (also known as JSON animations). These are great for websites, apps and save on file size when compared to GIF). Get in touch to get a quote, start a design or just ask some questions. Get Free Quote Lottie Circle Loader Features a 4 […]

Animated Signatures

Custom Animated signatures Are you looking for a way to make your email signature stand out from the rest? Animated name and logo signatures for email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), the web, and much more. Common formats are GIF and video. Learn more or get started with your own custom signature below. Email Signatures Created to […]

Lottie 101

Lottie (or “JSON”) animations are a new and innovative way to add animations to a website. They are created using Adobe After Effects and exported as JSON files (more on this later). Lottie animations can then be within websites and apps, where they will automatically play on supported devices. Lottie animations are smooth, lightweight, and work on all browsers (when created properly).

Animate Graphs and Chart

Animated Charts and graphs Learn more about animated graphs below or have Jon animate your graph or chart. Answer a few questions below to receive a free quote and further ideas. Formats include, video, GIF and lottie animations. If you aren’t sure which format you need, feel free to use the ‘start here’ form below […]

Hire Animator

All about and how to Hire a 2D Animator Uncover everything about animation services and hiring an animator.  Whether you’re considering a design agency, freelancer, or looking to DIY…learn some best practices and tips below. Have a project in mind? Let’s chat! Reach out to Jon for a personalized quote and launch your animation project […]

Logo Animations

Logo Animations Logo animations are a great way to turn your static image into a dynamic brand experience. They can also be used to reinforce your brand identity and make your company stand out from the competition. Read on below for best practices and tips or get in touch with any animation needs. If you’re […]

Lordicon Alternative

Let’s admit it, Lordicon is great. A large library of animated icons at your disposal, Lordicon has a wide range of designs, features and line icons bundled up into a monthly subscription.

I want it very clear that I am not taking a jab at Lordicon but merely mentioning another realm of animated icon creativity.

Animated Heart Icon

An animated heart icon design typically represents love or affection. It can also be used to show appreciation or congratulations. In the online realm, a heart icon may signify some sort of kudos given to a business, user or entity.

You can use this type of icon design to add some personality to your website or blog. Animated heart icons can also be used to show appreciation or support for something or someone.

Animated Marketing Report

It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful forms of content today. Animated marketing reports are a great way to harness the power of video for your business. They’re engaging, informative, and can help you reach a wider audience than traditional written reports. But like all types of videos, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating them.


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