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Line Graphs 101

Welcome to the fascinating world of line graphs, a cornerstone of data visualization that turns complex data into understandable and actionable insights.

Whether static or animated, line graphs serve as powerful tools to showcase trends, compare changes over time, and illustrate relationships between variables. In this guide, we will delve into the essentials of line graphs, discussing why they are indispensable in data analysis. We’ll also cover key topics such as the creation of static and animated line graphs and share some top design best practices to enhance your visual storytelling.

Data 101

Data 101 In this day and age, data is used in almost every industry. Data plays a crucial role in decision making, research, and development. To understand when and how to use data , it is important to become familiar with the basics. Read on below for topics covering, data analysis, charts and graphs, data […]

Infographic Design

Infographic design is a great way to take complex information and present it in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing. When used correctly, infographics can help communicate your message more effectively and reach a wider audience.

Infographics and Flowcharts

Infographics and Flowcharts Welcome to “Infographics and Flowcharts 101”! This beginner-friendly guide dives into the basics of creating and using infographics and flowcharts to simplify complex information. Learn how these visual tools can enhance your presentations, marketing, and everyday communication. Below, you’ll find examples of animated infographics, dynamic flowcharts, and more. Learn about popular formats […]

Dashboard Animations

Dashboard animations are a great way to add interest and engagement to your data. They can be used to highlight important data points, guide users through a process, or just add some fun and movement to your website header section.

Fish Farm System Animation

Below is an example of a fish farm system animation. Created for a recirculating aquaculture system company.

Choropleth Map Animation

Color-gradient changing map animation. This choropleth map animation was made to represent the geographic coverage of countries over time.

Get in touch below to start creating something like this for your projects.

User Journey Animation

Below you will find a customer journey diagram animation. The customer journey showcases how a customer might end up using the services from a particular company and their interaction journey throughout.

If you are in need of a similar animation need, click of the ‘animate yours’ buttons around this page.

Animated Sales Data

Animated sales reports are a great way to improve the visibility and understanding of your sales data. By animating your sales data, you can make it more engaging and easy to understand for your team. Not only will this improve communication within your company but it will also help you spot trends and patterns that you may not have noticed before.

HD video sales reports can be embedded to PPT, websites and more.

5 Step Process Infographic

Whether you’re creating an infographic for your next Powerpoint presentation, website or social media – consider using a 5-step process infographic animation to expedite your message and capture attention.

Process Chart Animation

A process chart is a diagram that illustrates the steps of a process. It can be used to document a process, track the progress of a project, or as a training tool. The steps in a process are usually represented as boxes or circles, and the arrows between them indicate the sequence of steps.

Process charts can be helpful in identifying bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Line Drawing Animation

Learn below about continuous line drawn animations. These can be great for infographics, powerpoint presentations and icon imagery. Browse examples or get in touch for any and all creations.

Timeline Animations

Timeline GIF Animation

Timeline animations are a great way to show the passage of time and the order of events. They can be used to show the history of a character, or the development of a product. A well-done timeline animation can add a lot of depth and understanding to a story or presentation.

Powerpoint Flowchart Animation

Powerpoint Flowchart Animation

PowerPoint flowchart animations can come in a variety of formats. Given the limited nature of PowerPoint and other presentation software, some of the most engaging presentations come from video and GIF animations embedded into the pitch.

United States Map Animation

A map GIF of the United States can showcase data growth over a period of time, population movement and other geographical changes.

This Map GIF was created in Adobe Illustrator and then moved to After Effects to animation. Custom colors can be changed and reformatted to better fit your needs. Questions and projects welcome!


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