Subscribe Animation - Overlay Examples & Info

Subscribe Animation Example: Whether you have a Youtube channel or other video platform that you regularly post videos to, animated subscribe buttons and animations can help boost organic engagement. 

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Subscribe Animation GIF 2D Looping

YouTube Subscribe Animation

The whole image below is actually a web animation that was built to showcase where and how a YouTube subscribe animation can pop up on your videos. 

Typically, best practices for subscription animations and engagement buttons should not take up the entire video screen. Sometimes less is actually more. The major consideration here is when the subscribe button animation is going to appear. Do you prefer it at the beginning of the video or at the end? 

If you are creating the subscribe button animation for the middle of the video, a button that pops up in the bottom right or left corner of the video is great, it stays out of the way and acts simply as a reminder for the viewer to continue to be notified of the great content that you are creating!

Subscribe Button Animation

Subscription animations can be made with the same colors and style as your brand or style. Remember, if everyone is using the same generic YouTube animations, how does this set your channel aside from others? The same goes for video intros and vlog bumpers. These can be custom made for any brand identity and industry.  

Subscribe Animation Download For Video

Looking to get a button such as the one above on your video? No problem, send me a message using the contact link above or below and I’ll be glad to pop one in. These animations can of course be downloaded into any format you need but the most important consideration to remember is that the animations should have a transparent background in order to properly overlay on your video. 

Some Animated GIF Examples:

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