Website Bar Chart Animation

Website Bar Chart Animation Bar chart animation in JSON format. Animation can use hover over, click to play and other user-interaction animations.  Click here

Line Graph Creation

Custom Line Graph Creations Animate your line graphs without the hassle. Start by uploading your graph below. Video and GIF formats  ready for the web, social media, presentations and more! Browse some recent examples at the bottom of this page. Upload Your Graph Schedule a Call Previous Next Step 1. Upload Your Graph Start by […]

Animated Signature In Outlook

Animated Outlook Email Signatures Whether it is your company logo or a series of logos for a testimonial section, adding them to Elementor is quite easy.  Here’s How To Change Your Outlook Email Signature First, navigate to Outlook’s email preferences.  1. Navigate to Outlook’s Preferences The easiest way to do this is to click on […]

Process Chart Animation

Process Chart Animation Process chart animations can incorporate a variety of elements. The most popular options are animated icons and infographic styles. Browse below for an example and other FAQs. Start Yours Browse All Animations Motion Chart Animation The great thing about a process animation is the combination of graphical and text elements. For example, […]

Have a Good Day Email Signature

Have a Good Day Email Signature GIF Why not round out your email signature footer wishing someone best wishes with a looping signature GIF. This not only brings attention to any links you may have in your email signature but also allows for a unique greeting or salutation. Shown here is a  Questions Welcome Email […]

HTML Email Signature Designer

Customize Your Own Custom HTMLEmail Signatures Combining the best of email animations, clickable links, buttons and more into one easy format that won’t skew. Installation assistance comes with every order. Works great with all major email providers (Gmail, Outlook, Apple, etc.).  Clickable Links Logo Animations Phone Numbers Linked Icons Easy Installation Learn More Free Mockup […]

Personal Website For Resume

Personal Resume Websites Considering creating a personal resume website? Read on below for some FAQs, costs and examples to get your brain rolling. Resume websites are a great supplement to your job interviews and can help stand out in a crowded marketplace. Embed PDFs, past projects and personal skills to your online resume and you’ll […]

Fotopress WordPress Theme

Let’s chat about the… Fotopress WordPress Theme The Fotopress WordPress theme by DesirePress is a functionaly, simple, theme right out of the box. But what makes it unique? Let’s take a look at the components and features below. Read On Below Fotopress Features Let’s start by taking a look at the foundations of the Fotopress […]

Email Signature Templates

Email Signature Designs & Templates If you’re looking for something more robust than an animated email signature with only your name, consider a GIF animation with both your name, phone number, website and more. Go one step further and utilize the power of clickable HTML email signatures.  Find more info below and feel free to […]

Marketing Icon Animation

Buy This Animation Marketing Icon Animations About This Marketing GIF: A Seamlessly-looping megaphone marketing icon on a white background in GIF format. Browse other marketing animations below or shop a full range of animated icons here. All colors can be changed and exported as a GIF, JSON/Lottie (web) or video format. All animations can also […]

Animated Signature For Email

Animated Email Signature Animated email signatures are typically found in GIF format. These animations loop seamlessly and can either be a logo animation or your actual signature. The great thing about installing these is that if you don’t need clickable buttons within your animation you can most likely just drag and drop to install.  Learn […]

Lottie Pricing Table Icon Animation

Animated Pricing Table Icon: JSON Lottie Format This pricing table icon is animated in the JSON Format using SVG elements. It’s ready for iOS and Android devices. Shown here is JSON, for the web. One of the major differences between JSON and GIF format is the file size and installation process.  This is just an […]

Coronavirus Tips for Restaurants

Coronavirus & The Restaurant Industry (An open letter to restaurant owners and managers) During this Covid-19 health epidemic restaurants are closing their doors and laying off staff, fast. Here are a few tips that some of my clients (who are in the restaurant industry) have found beneficial to continue bringing in takeout and delivery orders.  […]

Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia and Video Presentations: What are they, how to use them, and some tips and content ideas to get you up and running fast. Videos, audio narration and custom transitions are some of the topics covered below.  Here are some popular additions for your multimedia presentations: Animated Infographics Custom Icon Animations 1. What is a […]